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27 Sep

cash-backI feel like so many people are scared to give Pure Romance a try because of all the what ifs. What if I don’t book a party? What if I don’t make my money back? What if I am not good at it? There are 30,000 women all over the world right now doing exactly what you are afraid of because they took a chance and realized that they could get a party, they did make their money back, and they had fun so they were great at it. Stop worrying about what could go wrong and start wondering what could go right. . We have part time girls, full time girls, and girls that just want to have fun.l. Aren’t you a little curious about it? I mean, I am not Teaching at all anymore because I make better money doing this and my quality of life is incredible. You deserve to at least learn a little bit about what we do. Take a chance! Here are the what ifs you should be thinking about.
What if you could make your own schedule?
What if you were your own boss?
What if you felt empowered and independent?
What if you didn’t have debt?
What if you had a huge network of supportive women to lean on?
What if you made new friends?
What if you could inspire others?
What if you loved your job?
What if you earned extra money?
What if this could change everything for you?
What is this actually works?

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Back to School Business Kit Sale

10 Aug

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back to school kit sale 2016

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Believe in Yourself

18 May

It always amazes being in this business how little women think of themselves and confidence within themselves among most is pretty lacking. It is sad really. It also sets a fire in me about why my business is so important to help empower women in and out of the bedroom that they too are worth it! Every woman deserves to be happy! Every woman deserves to treat herself to a girls’ night and some fabulous items! Everyone woman deserves…dare I say it… mind blowing ORGASMS!!

I often see women struggle in their mind to spend even $20 on themselves for shaving creme, let alone a $100 toy that will rock their world. So many women struggle to treat themselves and they shouldn’t! If their kid wanted a new whatever or their husband wanted something, they would be the first to go out and buy it for them…. yet they deserve nothing. Stop that! You deserve to treat yourself ladies. Don’t sacrifice your wants and needs so often that they don’t matter. You deserve whatever you want! You are worth it! Don’t let anyone tell you and different!

This really is apparent when women want to start their own business with me. They want to be a consultant and I can see so many fabulous qualities in these women I talk to that they so often do not see or believe in themselves. They will put everything else in front of them starting their new venture to earn more money, have more flexibility, freedoms, and opportunities. The kids, their husband, the car broke, the dog is sick, etc. above them making the investment in themselves to start their own business. The little voice in their head that says all the negative stuff starts yelling at them about how they can’t. Shut up and out that voice of self doubt, I am here to tell you I have seen it over and over again, you can do anything you set your mind and actions to!

Make yourself a priority ladies in and out of the bedroom. You will find yourself happier, more confident, and satisfied with life all around once you feel like you matter. You are special and you deserve it! The shaving creme, the vibrator, and the business kit, whatever it is that you want, you should have it! Whatever you want to do, you can do it! I think you will be damn good at it too! Ohhh…. and the orgasms…they will get better all the time!

believe in all that you are


Get To Know The G-SPOT!

28 Apr

Get to Know the G-Spot!

No, it’s not a myth. The G-spot DOES exist, along with the rumors of its promised pleasure. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about the G-spot, along with some bonus information you never thought to ask.

What It Is

The debate over what exactly the G-spot is still occurs today. Scientists have yet to definitively decide whether the G-spot is a group of glands and ducts clustered around the urethra or the point at which the nerves of the clitoris intersect with vaginal tissue on their way to the spinal column.

However, there are other experts who believe that the G-spot is a female prostate gland, because when stimulated, it may provoke an orgasmic ejaculation – a release of clear fluid through the urethra. Not all women ejaculate when experiencing a G-spot orgasm. But if you do, don’t worry. The fluid will not stain the sheets.

What we do know for sure is that the G-spot is a fleshy section located one to three inches inside the vagina on the front wall, and its exact placement may move over time. It is named after Dr. Ernst Grafenberg, the first modern physician to write about the area and substantiate its significance in female sexual pleasure.

How to Find It

Lie comfortably on your back and insert a finger or two, with your palm up toward the ceiling. Make the “come hither” motion with your finger(s). The G-spot tends to swell when massaged, much like the erectile tissue of a penis. If you begin your search after you are already excited or even after having had an orgasm, your G-spot will be that much easier to find.

As you explore the inside of your vagina, you will notice that the walls feel much like the inside of the cheeks of your mouth. When you feel a fleshy area that feels like the roof of your mouth, but with a rougher texture, you have discovered your G-spot.

You may not find it right away, but don’t give up. This is a search worth much dedication. Some women enjoy the exploration with a partner, finding that an extra set of hands makes it easier to find the G-spot. Others prefer to explore alone. Both options are equally valid, however, whether alone or with a significant other, enhancing your awareness of the G-spot can be assisted with the right sensual toys and Passion Parties’ exclusive G-Spot Crème.

G-spot Sensual Products

G-Spot Creme

The first G-spot sensual product you should try is Passion Parties’ exclusive G-spot Crème. This unique enhancer produces a stimulating effect to inspire sensual excitement in the G-spot. The rich ingredients interact with your G-spot to promote a higher awareness of sexual sensitivity, enabling greater erotic pleasure.

G-Spot Toys

In addition to the G-Spot Crème, you should also consider using a sensual toy created specifically for G-spot stimulation. The We-Vibe 4, Velvet Curve and the Lelo® Ina 2 are specially designed for G-spot arousal and enjoyment.

Explore G-spot ecstasy by generously adding some G-Spot Crème onto the end of the Lelo Ina 2, We-Vibe 4 or Velvet Curve in order to increase your awareness of your G-spot and intensify sensitivity.

Check out all of these products at: www.FLToyParties.com

Finding Your Big O

18 Jan

Ahhh… the orgasm!

Who doesn’t love the toe curling, body convulsing, extreme ecstasy of an intense climax?

Unfortunately, female orgasms can be hard to come by. But ladies, don’t despair. First of all, if you do have a hard time climaxing, know that you are not alone. According to Planned Parenthood, one in three women have trouble reaching orgasm when having sex, and as many as 80% of women have difficulty climaxing from vaginal intercourse alone. Those are staggering statistics. Especially considering that 90% of men orgasm every time they have vaginal intercourse.

Second of all, just because you may have a hard time reaching orgasm while making love doesn’t mean you’ll have a hard time reaching orgasm in all situations.

Just like women come in all different shapes, sizes and colors, so too, do their sexual desires, turn-ons and hot spots. While some women are able to orgasm solely from intercourse, many others need clitoral stimulation to reach the “Big O.” Some women need other stimulants, like touching and kissing. Others are able to climax when vibrators are introduced and used during lovemaking. It’s impossible to list all the different scenarios for women to reach orgasm, but here are three ideas our Passion Parties experts recommend:

Relax. For many women, orgasms are hard to reach because they cannot let go. It’s not a secret that women are often stereotyped as over-analyzers, and if you’ve ever been accused of this, take note: Over-analyzing can inhibit your ability to climax. If you are too busy thinking about what you look like or how long it’s taking, you are creating a mental roadblock on your journey to the Big O.

Start the night with a glass of wine, chamomile tea or whatever yummy beverage helps you to relax. Once you and your mate are playing, if a negative or worrisome thought creeps in your mind, shake it off and focus on something you really like in the moment. Maybe you like the way your partner’s tongue feels against your smooth skin, maybe you like your lover’s hot breath on your inner thigh, or maybe you’re enjoying the feeling of fullness as you’re penetrated. Focus your thoughts and energy on that, and get lost in it.

Get on top. There are certain sex positions that give more control to your partner (think missionary and doggie-style), and there are certain positions that give more control to you, such as being on top. When you’re on top, you’ll be able to control the angle, depth, speed and thrust intensity. Additional bonus: If you want clitoral stimulation, you are in the perfect position.
Teach by example. Your orgasm might simply be thwarted due to your partner not knowing what you want or like. If this is the case, there is an easy and sexy solution: Show your mate what you like. Using your fingers or a toy, show your lover exactly how you like it — how fast, how deep, how intense. After you’ve shown by example, ask your partner to put his or her fingers on top of yours or around yours (if using a toy) so your playmate can not only see how you like it, but he or she can also feel and eventually master what you like.

Finding your orgasm might take time and patience, and while that can be frustrating, try to remember you’re not alone… and only practice makes perfect.

Introducing Luxury Sex Toys to Your Toy Box

18 Jul

1256 Lelo Soraya v3

Take a look around you. Have you upgraded to a smart phone? And what kind of handbag are you carrying? How about those pumps you’re donning?

For many busy, successful women, investing in quality products – from technology to home furnishings to apparel – is the way to go. Women recognize that although the cost might be greater upfront, the product has a longer shelf life, is made out of higher end materials and probably makes you feel like a million bucks!

The same goes for luxury sex toys, ladies, but unlike your cell phone, furniture and/or apparel, luxury sex toys will give you an orgasm! In our minds, that should be reason enough, but here are a few more reasons to consider introducing luxury sex toys to your toy box:

  1. Luxury sex toys perform the best. Unlike regular sex toys, luxury sex toys are ergonomically designed to be powerful yet quiet and feature special bells and whistles yet have a longer battery and shelf life. Luxury is not just the name. It’s what these toys offer.
  2. Luxury sex toys are constructed from better quality materials. There have been many discussions in the adult toy industry about the safeness of the materials toys are made of. With luxury sex toys, there’s no need to worry. High-end sex toys are usually made of medical grade silicone, stainless steel or glass. There’s even a sex toy made completely of 24k gold; talk about luxury! These materials are phthalate free and toxic chemical free.
  3. Luxury sex toys do not require batteries. The best toys are the ones that deliver and the ones that last. Most luxury sex toys have longer battery lives and are rechargeable. Gone are the days of worrying about having an unlimited supply of batteries in your bedside table to ensure you get to your next orgasm. Being able to quickly and easily plug your toy into a regular wall charger or even USB charger, means your luxury toy will be ready to go whenever you are. And just think how eco-friendly you’re being, saving all those batteries from landfill!

Luxury sex toys offer amazing benefits and are worth investing in for a happy, healthy and sexually satisfied life. Now what smart phone can tout that!

Interested in purchasing a luxury sex toy? Check out We-Vibe 3 (Item 1306 • $169.00 US/ Item 1306C • $169.00 CDN), We-Vibe Thrill (Item 1308  • $139.00 US/ Item 1308C • $139.00 CDN), Lelo Ina 2 (Item 1182 • $169.00 US/ Item 1182C • $169.00 CDN) and Lelo Soraya (Item 1256 • $199.00/ Item 1256C • $169.00 CDN). Please contact your Passion Consultant today. If you don’t have a Consultant, visit the Passion Parties website at www.FLToyParties.com, and click on Shop Online to place your order now.

Five Easy Ways to Show Your Love This Valentine’s Day

10 Feb

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! This day, above all others, has been instituted as the day to show your significant other how you feel about him or her. Sometimes, the holiday can be intimidating if you’re not sure what to do or how to celebrate.  Below are a few suggestions for fun, creative ways to show your love this year!

Say it with music: Make a mix full of music that your partner loves and watch your lover  melt in your arms! You know better than anyone what your sweetheart likes to listen to, after all! Use this opportunity to create something thoughtful and sexy. Who knows? Maybe your sonic montage will lead to some seriously hot loving later.

Breakfast in bed: When you combine good food and a comfortable bed, everyone wins! Take some time to make a special breakfast for your significant other and serve it to them as their waking up for a sweet surprise.

Take a picnic: Okay, so it is winter for most of you but, if you’re lucky enough to live in a place with decent weather this time of year (or you can find a good indoor spot), consider having a picnic during lunch! Sharing an hour of your time in the middle of the day can be a wonderful pick-me-up for both of you. Not sure what to pack? Consider this: bananas are a tasty aphrodisiac!

Have a sexy spa night: Do the stresses of life have you down? Melt them away with an inexpensive spa night to delight your partner. Share a warm bath with scented lavender or rose petals and offer your lover a head-to-toe massage. Might we recommend our RomantaTherapy products for this excursion? They come in three different scents and have everything you need for a luxurious spa experience without the luxurious price tag.

Offer coupons: One of the most popular DIY Valentine’s gifts people give are lover’s coupons. You can make a few, or a whole book-full, of fun and sexy treats your honey can “redeem.” Try making some vouchers for massages, breakfast or other much sexier things!

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