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It’s National Orgasm Month

21 Oct
National Orgasm MonthFew would argue that the orgasm is the ultimate gratification. It’s exhilarating, euphoric and unlike anything of this earth. The actual experience varies from person to person. However, with patience and an open mind, nearly everyone is capable of achieving orgasm. Read on for some tips to help you get orgasm-fit!

Practice breathing techniques. The body often tenses up right before climax, constraining oxygen. When oxygen is reduced, blood flow weakens. As a result, the orgasm is shortened or never achieved. By performing regular breathing exercises, you can train yourself to breathe properly at all times. This will result in higher oxygen saturation; improved blood flow; and stronger, longer, more frequent orgasms.

Work your PC muscles. The pelvic floor muscles automatically convulse during orgasm. By flexing them during sex, you can prolong the pleasurable contractions and, in some cases, multiply the fun. Strengthen your PC muscles with a kegel exerciser suitable to your ability level—Kegel Balls, Pleasure Pearls or Ben-Wa Balls.

Follow a Mediterranean-style diet. Studies have shown that a diet high in fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, olive oil and fish, and low in red meat, can have a positive effect on sexual function, including one’s ability to orgasm. There are a variety of sexually nutritious recipes available in “The New Intercourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook.

Explore your body. How can you expect anyone else to please you if you can’t please yourself? Take time out to get to know your body. Become acquainted with your own anatomy and what feels good. Try stimulating the various areas around the genitals, including the clitoris, G-spot and vulva. For self-pleasuring tips and techniques, check out the masturbation guide, “Tickle Your Fancy.”


  • The average female orgasm can last anywhere from six to ten seconds. Some women even experience a 20-second orgasm.
  • According to researchers, it’s possible for some women to orgasm as many as 100 times per hour.
  • The average woman needs about 20 minutes of arousal time before her clitoris is sensitive enough to respond to stimulation and begin building toward climax. (Apply a dab of Pure Satisfaction® to enhance sensitivity).
  • The most likely time for a woman to experience sexual pleasure is during her menstrual period. This is due to the increase in blood circulation around the groin area.
  • Orgasms have been shown to curb the appetite; improve brain function, fat metabolism, and the immune and cardiovascular systems; and promote healthy skin.

“How can I describe to you, a man, what it feels like to a woman? Think of a light switch with a rheostat control. As you begin to turn it on, the bulb begins to get bright, then brighter, and brighter and finally in a blinding flash is fully lit. It is so good.” – Marilyn Monroe

If You Like It… Put a RING on It!

10 May

Put a Ring on It

A c-ring is more than a cool-looking penis accessory. Originally created in 13thCentury China, the main purpose of c-rings is to assist in the longevity of an erection; thus, making a man’s performance last longer and feel greater for both him and his partner.

But how is this so? Well, the way an erection normally works is that when a man is aroused, blood flow to his penis is vastly increased and engorges his penile tissue. This is what causes the increase in size and hardening.

Using a c-ring on a penis creates a situation where the blood can’t escape the penile tissue so easily. A c-ring essentially mimics a pinch effect, therefore, blood stays in the penis and causes it to increase in size and become engorged.

According to the American Medical Association (AMA), erectile dysfunction (also known as ED) affects up to 25% of middle-aged and elderly men. ED is sometimes the symptom of a health issue, and when it is encountered, one should seek medical guidance from his regular healthcare provider. However, ED is also commonly manageable, requiring simple supplements and/or medication and the use of sexual aids, such as a c-ring.

It should also be noted that c-rings are not limited to men who need assistance maintaining their erection. In fact, many men use a c-ring simply to “dress-up” the penis, add texture or vibrations (or both) to the sexual experience or just to try something new and different. Simply put: any man can use a c-ring to enhance his and his partner’s sexual experience.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Select a soft, stretchy c-ring made from plastic, rubber or silicone. While a c-ring should fit snugly, it should also fit comfortably and remove easily, without struggle. Pronounced swelling is a sign that the c-ring is too tight.
  2. Use lube. Applying lubricant onto the penis will help you slip your c-ring on while also enhancing lovemaking.
  3. Vary your selection. There are different c-rings for different moods. And because c-rings are generally economically priced, any man can easily afford to keep a variety on-hand.
  4. Own at least one vibrating c-ring. Transmitting vibrations to both yourself and your partner while having sex increases your chances for simultaneous orgasm.
  5. Never wear a c-ring for longer than 30 minutes. And remove it before falling asleep. Passion Parties offers many options for c-rings. Below are three of our favorites.


Lelo® Tor 2

Featuring six powerful vibrating modes and 100% silicone construction, this c-ring is the Porsche of all c-rings.

Magic Rings

Magic Rings

Set of two c-ring that are stretchy enough to use on both the shaft and scrotum. Great for first-time users.



A c-ring with an embedded bullet, six levels of vibration and stimulating texture. What’s not to love?

Get yours at: www.FLToyParties.com

Get To Know The G-SPOT!

28 Apr

Get to Know the G-Spot!

No, it’s not a myth. The G-spot DOES exist, along with the rumors of its promised pleasure. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about the G-spot, along with some bonus information you never thought to ask.

What It Is

The debate over what exactly the G-spot is still occurs today. Scientists have yet to definitively decide whether the G-spot is a group of glands and ducts clustered around the urethra or the point at which the nerves of the clitoris intersect with vaginal tissue on their way to the spinal column.

However, there are other experts who believe that the G-spot is a female prostate gland, because when stimulated, it may provoke an orgasmic ejaculation – a release of clear fluid through the urethra. Not all women ejaculate when experiencing a G-spot orgasm. But if you do, don’t worry. The fluid will not stain the sheets.

What we do know for sure is that the G-spot is a fleshy section located one to three inches inside the vagina on the front wall, and its exact placement may move over time. It is named after Dr. Ernst Grafenberg, the first modern physician to write about the area and substantiate its significance in female sexual pleasure.

How to Find It

Lie comfortably on your back and insert a finger or two, with your palm up toward the ceiling. Make the “come hither” motion with your finger(s). The G-spot tends to swell when massaged, much like the erectile tissue of a penis. If you begin your search after you are already excited or even after having had an orgasm, your G-spot will be that much easier to find.

As you explore the inside of your vagina, you will notice that the walls feel much like the inside of the cheeks of your mouth. When you feel a fleshy area that feels like the roof of your mouth, but with a rougher texture, you have discovered your G-spot.

You may not find it right away, but don’t give up. This is a search worth much dedication. Some women enjoy the exploration with a partner, finding that an extra set of hands makes it easier to find the G-spot. Others prefer to explore alone. Both options are equally valid, however, whether alone or with a significant other, enhancing your awareness of the G-spot can be assisted with the right sensual toys and Passion Parties’ exclusive G-Spot Crème.

G-spot Sensual Products

G-Spot Creme

The first G-spot sensual product you should try is Passion Parties’ exclusive G-spot Crème. This unique enhancer produces a stimulating effect to inspire sensual excitement in the G-spot. The rich ingredients interact with your G-spot to promote a higher awareness of sexual sensitivity, enabling greater erotic pleasure.

G-Spot Toys

In addition to the G-Spot Crème, you should also consider using a sensual toy created specifically for G-spot stimulation. The We-Vibe 4, Velvet Curve and the Lelo® Ina 2 are specially designed for G-spot arousal and enjoyment.

Explore G-spot ecstasy by generously adding some G-Spot Crème onto the end of the Lelo Ina 2, We-Vibe 4 or Velvet Curve in order to increase your awareness of your G-spot and intensify sensitivity.

Check out all of these products at: www.FLToyParties.com

5 Sexy Spring Date Ideas

18 May

couple feet

Ahhh, spring. It’s a great season. Don’t you think? Flowers are blooming; the sun is shining, and love is in the air. There’s a reason why spring is associated with love – spring is all about celebrating renewal. Think about it: After months of hibernating foliage and animals, spring offers new life, colors, smells and sounds, the sun and less clothes, which makes it the perfect time to ditch the indoors and engage in some seasonal activities with your lover. So, to take advantage of all the season has to offer, here are five spring date ideas to have a fresh and sexy season.

  • Enjoy nature. Spring is the best season to be outdoors. It’s brings a perfect balance of balminess and breeze. Take advantage of that and spend some time under the sun with your partner. Research different hikes or trails in your neighborhood. Put together a basket of your favorite foods; grab a blanket and head to your local park. Enjoy your lunch and then go swing together, play tag or simply sit and enjoy the beautiful weather and time to relax with one another. You could also consider starting a garden with your love. You’ll get a little dirty, and when all is said and done, you can watch your seeds – and your relationship – grow as the year progresses.
  • Celebrate love. As the season of love, spring is also wedding season – and likely, you’ve been invited to a few. Get dressed up and go witness love at its best. Celebrating another couple’s relationship may just inspire you to celebrate yours. And if you don’t have any weddings to attend this season, take in the beauty that encompasses your community. Buzzing bees, blooming flowers, chirping birds, new love, young love, mature love, – it’s all there. Enjoy it, and let yours be part of it this season.
  • Get sporty. The weather has finally turned. It’s no longer freezing, but it’s not blistering out either. Go for a run and get sweaty with your partner. It might not seem sexy, but engaging in physical activity and getting a little sticky can actually be a turn on. Plus, it gives you a reason to get clean together. But if participating in sports isn’t really your thing, how about watching others participate? Going to a baseball game or any other sporting event, eating hot dogs and drinking beer can be a lot of fun. And watching a game can really bring people closer. It promotes camaraderie. You’ll get excited together, get bummed together, celebrate or possibly mourn together. These are all great emotions to share with your partner, so go cheer for the home team!
  • Enjoy local offerings. Many communities offer jazz in the park, wine walks, traveling carnivals and/or art fairs when spring arrives. Find out what’s going on in your community and take part in it. Not only are most of the events free, or minimal in cost, but it may reveal an unknown common interest you and your partner share.
  • Grill up some grub. Cooking with your partner can be fun during any season, but nothing beats pulling out the grill and indulging in some homemade barbecue! Vegetables, fruits, meats – one of the greatest things about grilling is it meets nearly all dietary requirements without sacrificing taste. Additionally, it’s fun, easy for the novice chef and can even be a learning experience. What spices and tastes does your partner crave? How does he or/she like her meat? These are small things, but only add to the connectedness between you and your partner.

Spring is a great time of year. Take advantage of this lovely season and go renew your love and your love of the outdoors. And if you have any other favorite spring date ideas, please share them with us and our readers in the comments area below.

Passion Parties offers a variety of adult sensual items to help you explore your sexuality, or heat up your relationship. To host a Passion Party, contact your Passion Consultant. If you don’t have a Consultant, visit the Passion Parties website at www.FLToyParties.com and click on Host a Party.

Finding Your Big O

9 Apr

Woman on top

Ahhh… the orgasm! Who doesn’t love the toe curling, body convulsing, extreme ecstasy of an intense climax?

Unfortunately, female orgasms can be hard to come by.  But ladies, don’t despair. First of all, if you do have a hard time climaxing, know that you are not alone. According to Planned Parenthood, one in three women have trouble reaching orgasm when having sex, and as many as 80% of women have difficulty climaxing from vaginal intercourse alone. Those are staggering statistics. Especially considering that 90% of men orgasm every time they have vaginal intercourse.

Second of all, just because you may have a hard time reaching orgasm while making love doesn’t mean you’ll have a hard time reaching orgasm in all situations.

Just like women come in all different shapes, sizes and colors, so too, do their sexual desires, turn-ons and hot spots. While some women are able to orgasm solely from intercourse, many others need clitoral stimulation to reach the “Big O.” Some women need other stimulants, like touching and kissing. Others are able to climax when vibrators are introduced and used during lovemaking. It’s impossible to list all the different scenarios for women to reach orgasm, but here are three ideas our Passion Parties experts recommend:

    • Relax. For many women, orgasms are hard to reach because they cannot let go. It’s not a secret that women are often stereotyped as over-analyzers, and if you’ve ever been accused of this, take note: Over-analyzing can inhibit your ability to climax. If you are too busy thinking about what you look like or how long it’s taking, you are creating a mental roadblock on your journey to the Big O.

Start the night with a glass of wine, chamomile tea or whatever yummy beverage helps you to relax. Once you and your mate are playing, if a negative or worrisome thought creeps in your mind, shake it off and focus on something you really like in the moment. Maybe you like the way your partner’s tongue feels against your smooth skin, maybe you like your lover’s hot breath on your inner thigh, or maybe you’re enjoying the feeling of fullness as you’re penetrated. Focus your thoughts and energy on that, and get lost in it.

  • Get on top. There are certain sex positions that give more control to your partner (think missionary and doggie-style), and there are certain positions that give more control to you, such as being on top. When you’re on top, you’ll be able to control the angle, depth, speed and thrust intensity. Additional bonus: If you want clitoral stimulation, you are in the perfect position.
  • Teach by example. Your orgasm might simply be thwarted due to your partner not knowing what you want or like. If this is the case, there is an easy and sexy solution: Show your mate what you like. Using your fingers or a toy like our new Bunny Shine, show your lover exactly how you like it — how fast, how deep, how intense. After you’ve shown by example, ask your partner to put his or her fingers on top of yours or around yours (if using a toy) so your playmate can not only see how you like it, but he or she can also feel and eventually master what you like.

Finding your orgasm might take time and patience, and while that can be frustrating, try to remember you’re not alone… and only practice makes perfect.

Featured products in this blog post include the Bunny Shine (Item 1007 ● $70.00 US/ Item 1007C ● $77.00 CDN). To purchase the Bunny Shine, please contact me or order from my website at www.FLToyParties.com, and click on Shop Online to place your purchase now.

Pleasure in Unexpected Places

28 Mar

Pleasure in Unexpected Places

With over four million sensitive nerve endings, the skin is one of the most sensual organs of the body. Research has shown that couples who spend more time touching each other enjoy happier, healthier relationships.

Since the skin offers a plane of limitless possibilities, yet is often overlooked, we asked our Passion Parties experts for a little guidance. Here’s what they had to say:

Stop neglecting your unique erogenous zones.
Most couples focus primarily on the genital region during sexual foreplay. However, several areas of the body elicit sexual arousal.

Everyone has his/her our own authentic map of incredibly responsive areas. Think about the spots that drive you wild (even before the main event). Maybe it’s your inner thighs… or your ears… or your scalp… or your ankles. Perhaps, it’s your eyelids… the nape of your neck… or the spaces between your fingers…

Start exploring your erogenous zones. As you get to know your body and discover what feels good, you’ll be able to make the most of it. Here are a few different ways you and your partner can become better acquainted with one another’s erogenous zones:

  1. Sensual Massage: The recipient lays on the tummy while the “masseuse” works his/her magic. Use RomantaTherapy® Creamy Massage Oil, and take mental note of what feels good.
  2. Feather Play: One partner rests on the back, while the other lightly brushes Tease Me Tickler across the skin. Start at the navel and work your way up, and then all of the way back down. Flip over and explore the other side, starting at the butt. Work your way up and then back down.
  3. Hot & Cold Sensory Play: Warm temperatures can make the body more sensitive to touch; and following with cool sensations can actually cause the body to heat back up in response. This is because even the slightest temperature changes can stimulate the nerve cells. So, grab a cup of ice, Heart Warming Massager and your favorite glass toy, and find out what makes you (and your partner) feel good.

Think outside of the bedroom, too.
Sometimes, women uncover new spots during their regular daily lives. You might discover a feel-good sensation as you sit down a certain way, receive a scalp massage at the salon, grab tomatoes out of the bin at the grocery store, or have your teeth cleaned… Be open to the possibilities.

Here is a list of the most common non-genital erogenous zones:

  • Inner wrist
  • Lower neck
  • Lips
  • Mouth
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Stomach
  • Feet
  • Inner thighs
  • Scalp
  • Hair
  • Knees
  • Buttocks
  • Arms
  • Hands

Passion Parties sells products designed to help you explore your unique erogenous zones. To purchase one of the products mentioned in this blog post, please contact your Passion Consultant Lindsay. If you don’t have a Consultant, visit website and I will find a consultant for you at www.FLToyParties.com, and click on Host a Party to contact a Consultant or you can click on Shop Online to place your purchase now.

5 Dating Tips for Single Women

16 Mar

5 Dating Tips for Single Women

For many singles in the dating world, it’s a jungle out there! And, it can be quite difficult to carry out a search for Mr. or Ms. Right when you’re busy balancing the rest of your life.

So, what’s a D.I.V.A. to do? Check out these five dating tips from our Passion Parties experts!

1. Get social.
“It’s all about who you know” is a business saying we’re all too familiar with. However, these words of wisdom can also apply to the dating scene.

Just think of your own social network. How many of those people know each other? Probably a lot is what we’re guessing. And, how did you become acquainted with many of your friends? If you’re like many, you met through mutual friends. This is because friends share common interests.

The next time you receive an invite to a friend’s BBQ, housewarming party, son’s birthday party or other social event, RSVP! Not only will you potentially meet a future date, but you might meet the mutual link between you and the man or woman of your dreams.

2. Fuel your passion.
Love bowling? Join a bowling team. Interested in art? Take a painting class. Always dreamed of acting? Find a local improvisational group in your area.

Hobbies complement our life and embrace our inner child. And, when we’re developing a new skill, it helps us discover aspects of ourselves we never knew existed.

But, what does that have to do with dating? Well, successful couples often bond over common interests. By putting yourself out there and embracing what you love, you might just find someone else who shares that same passion.

3. Work on your personal brand.
Although we evolve throughout our lives, sometimes our choices lay stagnant. It’s important to look within ourselves and ensure that our actions match our values. If you feel like your confidence could use a boost, perhaps it’s time to do a little self-reflection and fine-tuning…

It might seem superficial, but even your personal style is an extension of your soul. Are you showing the world who you really are? Maybe it’s time to clean out your closet, update your wardrobe, change your hairstyle and get a makeover. Perhaps, you should update your Facebook profile, remove the cheesy bumper sticker from your car, and toss out those tattered yoga pants. Show the world who you really are, D.I.V.A.!

4. Date yourself.
For many women, solo dining or (GASP!) movie going is completely out of the question. But, as those who’ve tackled this fear can attest, it can be very empowering.

Learning to enjoy your own company is not only good for your well-being, it benefits your future relationships. You learn to really love yourself, which makes you more loving toward others and more open to receiving love.

And, that’s not all. You avoid letting life pass you by because you’re not too scared to go alone. So, book that solo dream vacation, make a dinner reservation for one, and take up just one seat at the movie theater. Life is too short and you’re too important not to.

5. Let go.
Sometimes, when we stop chasing our goals, we give them room to catch up with us instead. Think about how serene you’d feel if you stopped putting so much dating pressure on yourself.

It’s okay to be single, D.I.V.A. Enjoy these days alone. There are many perks to being single that you’ll no longer experience when you’re in a relationship.

Celebrate your life just as it is right now! Not only will you be happier, but you’ll be more attractive to a potential mate.

Passion Parties offers a variety of adult sensual items to help you explore your sexuality, or heat up your relationship. To purchase these products, please contact your Passion Consultant. If you don’t have a Consultant, visit the Passion Parties website at www.Fltoyparties.com and click on Host a Party to contact a Consultant or you can click on Shop Online to place your purchase now.

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