Pleasure Your Mate Month

17 Sep

Pleasure Your Mate Month

It’s Pleasure Your Mate Month.
Sometimes it’s easy to get swept up in the chaotic, unromantic distractions of everyday life. September’s a time to reawaken passion, as you make your mate feel good—real good. Use the following tips, and they’ll fall in love all over again… and again… and again… and you get the point.

Visual Stimulation

Stay on their mind all day long with the touch of a button (okay, maybe a few buttons). Send your lover a cell phone tease.

Spa Experience

Soothe your lover before sex with Body by Passion Parties.

Draw a warm, romantic bath filled with two to three capfuls of Sensuous Spa Soak, and invite your partner in. Let them soak for a few minutes while sipping their favorite beverage.

Apply the Smoothing Sugar Scrub,and rub it in to massage muscles and exfoliate dead skin cells. Concentrate on areas such as the hands, feet, arms, knees, elbows and upper back.

Squeeze a quarter-size amount of Refreshing Bath & Shower Crème onto a sponge or loofah. Then, start scrubbing (lovingly) all over their body. Again, concentrate on the areas mentioned above.

Immerse the sponge or loofah in water, and then squeeze it, dripping water all over their body. Repeat until all soap and product residue is rinsed from the body.

Since your lover will be super relaxed, you’ll need to help them out of the bath. Once out, wrap them in warm towels. Follow with an all-over massage using Toning Body Butter and Hugs and Kisses. Start at the feet and work your way up to the legs, and so forth, all the way to the top of the body. Take it up a naughty notch with Candylicious Strawberry. Then, use your tongue to provide an oral massage in the more “central” areas.

New Frontiers

Ask your partner to choose a few new sex positions that neither of you have ever tried before. Ride ‘Em Cowgirl has tons of sexy ideas. The new experience will not only be educational, but build intimacy as well.For extra stimulation, use a c-ring like Lelo Tor 2 while testing out the positions.

Toy Box for Two

Sex is better when both partners are satisfied. Why not incorporate “sexcessories” that you both can enjoy. We-Vibe 3 stimulates his shaft and your vaginal sweet spots (i.e. inner wall, G-spot) all at the same time. And, for 40% more power than its predecessor, We-Vibe 4 is sure to be a deluxe favorite. Find more Couple’s Toys in the Passion Parties catalog. Hot items include the Lelo Ida, Pure Satisfaction, and all mine—just to name a few.

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Making Sex a Little Sweeter

6 Sep

Making Sex Sweeter

Introducing edibles to your love life increases the lovemaking experience by adding extra spice (and flavor, of course) to the usual sexual encounter. With all of the choices available, you’re sure to find something to enhance the passion between you and your partner.

Sugar: Is it safe?

Adding tasty treats to your passion play is sure to rev up the romance between you and your special someone. While grabbing the chocolate syrup and the whipped cream might seem like a good idea, you’ve probably heard that consuming a lot of refined sugar makes you more susceptible to yeast infections. Why? Because candida (the fungus that causes yeast infections) thrives on sugar. High amounts of sugar in your diet may lead to increased sugar levels in your urine and decrease your vagina’s natural pH balance. For this reason, foods containing sugar should not be used directly on, in, or near your vagina. But the fun’s not over, because Passion Parties has a wide array of sensual products designed to help you sweeten up your love life. Always be sure to look for the vagina friendly icon (VF) before using any product on, in, or near your vagina.

Flavored Passion Products: What makes them sweet?

Falvored Passion Products

Glycerin (also known as glycerol, glycerine): A colorless, odorless, sweet-tasting liquid used in many pharmaceutical formulas. Also known as a sugar alcohol, glycerin will not increase blood sugar levels or alter a woman’s natural chemical balance. Flavored Passion Products containing glycerin are Crèmesicle, Embrace, Candylicious, Tasty Tease and Fireworks.

Saccharin: The oldest known artificial sweetener. There is no known connection between saccharin and yeast infections in studies performed by the National Cancer Institute. Flavored Passion Products containing saccharin are Nipple Nibblers, Candylicious, Crèmesicle, Embrace and Tasty Tease.

Sorbitol is a sweetener naturally found in apples, plums, pears, cherries, dates, peaches, and apricots. You will see it as a common sugar alternative in candies and gum. Flavored Passion Products containing sorbitol: Embrace (Vanilla and Strawberry)

Sugar (also known as sucrose, saccharose): A naturally grown food and beverage sweetener. Products containing sugar should never be used near the vagina but can be used to encourage your lover to linger on your neck, arms, chest and stomach. Flavored Passion Products containing sugar are the Passion Powders (White Chocolate, Cotton Candy and Chocolate Raspberry).


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Uncover The Passion

5 Sep

Uncover the Passion of Sensual Massage

Your partner loves a good massage and your partner loves sex. So, why not combine the two for an incredibly intimate event? Just follow the tips below to help you get started.


While you don’t need to enroll in massage school in order to give your special someone a loving, sensual massage, it is important to know what a massage entails. Treat yourself to a professional massage and take mental notes about what feels good to you. If you intend on using an edible massage oil on your lover (and maybe on yourself), know your partner’s favorite flavors – Vanilla, Cherry or maybe Strawberry?


Begin by setting the mood using soft light, romantic music, pillows and aromatic candles, such as the Tasty Temptation Massage Candle. Have your partner lie face down. A pillow placed beneath the pelvis and thighs may eliminate strain on the lower back. Because you want your lover to relax and release control, use the Shades of Seduction Eye Mask to cover your partner’s eyes. Removing one of the senses increases your playmate’s stimulation.

The Massage

Massage oil should be warm prior to applying to your partner’s back. If using bottled massage oil, apply it to your own hands first, rubbing your hands together to warm the oil. Better yet, use a soy-based massage candle which melts into warm (not hot) massage oil. The Tasty Temptation Massage Candle is such a candle and includes a mini-spoon so you may delicately drizzle the melted massage oil onto your lover’s back. Or, simply tip the heart-shaped tin to safely pour the warm massage oil directly onto the back. The Tasty Temptation Massage Candle is also lickable and comes in three delectable flavors.

Begin the massage with soft, light strokes before attempting a deeper massage. Use more than your hands for this massage, such as your hair, tongue, breasts and the Tease Me Tickler. Your lover’s level of arousal is an indicator as to whether or not to continue the massage or take matters to the next level of sensual play. for all of your passion massage needs.

Body by Passion Parties

5 Sep
Body by Passion Parties

It’s no secret that many women need more time than men to get physically and emotionally prepared for intimacy. Body by Passion Parties, only available here, encourages her to sensitize and tantalize ALL five senses long before initiating lovemaking, or even before starting her day. The taste, touch, smell, sound and sight of romance and loving yourself all encourage closeness and prepare her for complete intimacy.

Each Body by Passion Parties product is designed to heighten your senses, soothe your tensions and prepare your mind and body to receive the loving attention from a caring partner. In addition, each product is formulated to heighten one, two or several of the key senses in lovemaking. The line consists of enriched bath products, body products, edibles, and sexual enhancements.

Some of the key elements present in Body by Passion Parties to awaken our passion are:

  • Aloe juice from the powerful Aloe Vera plant added to impart a smooth, soft texture to skin, along with soothing vitamins E and A and Shea Butter.
  • Essential and nourishing oils and extracts of coconuts, raspberries, sunflowers, cucumbers, lavender, clover, wheat and oats improve the appearance and touch of skin to heighten the enjoyment of close moments.
  • Caffeine, found in our extremely popular Toning Body Butter to aid in reducing the appearance of cellulite
  • As an added bonus, all Body by Passion Parties products are not only exclusive, they’re paraben free.

Throughout the ages men and women have pursued romantic love in search of the ultimate experience of true love. Our hunger has been so great that we have created love potions, love stories, fairy tales, cupids, and even a love goddess. All of this, in the hopes of fulfilling our deepest human desires… love, passion and intimacy forever after. You will see the D.I.V.A. silhouette on new Body by Passion Parties packaging. This signifies each woman’s inner strength and love of herself. Love yourself and love the skin you’re in with Body by Passion Parties.

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Making Your Dreams Come True is Possible When you Join Passion Parties!

7 Aug

P to prosperity2

The BEST time to join Passion Parties is NOW! Become a Passion Parties Consultant for only $99 US / $119 CDN.

Between the upcoming holidays and “Fifty Shades of Grey,” there is no hotter time than NOW to start your own Passion Parties business! Success is just around the corner. Can’t you just feel it?

  • “Fifty Shades of Grey” themed parties are more popular than ever
  • Holiday Season means gift-buying, and Passion Parties has the sexiest stocking stuffers
  • Plus, being a Passion Consultant means helping other women just like yourself!

From August 8-11, 2014 we are offering you the opportunity to experience financial freedom with the purchase of our Passion & Prosperity Passion Pac for only $99 US/ $119 CDN! This introductory kit is full of amazing product to get you started; think of it as an open door toward owning your own business. As you walk through it, we are by your side, cheering you on this incredible journey. Possibilities are endless and your potential to earn as much as you want really is as good as we say it is. So go on, take that step. Be in charge of your life, your schedule, your income. Be your own boss.

When you become a Passion Parties Consultant, you are not left to figure out life as an owner on your own. We give you ideas for your parties, such as D.I.V.A. Dollars, and ideas for rewarding your team members, like Passion Cash. We are women helping women be successful entrepreneurs.

Aside from our customer service and quality products, you’ll receive mentorship and expert guidance. And of course, let’s not forget about our incredible earning opportunities! You can earn up to 40% commission as well as amazing incentive gifts just for YOU (like designer hand-bags, free products and cash).

Recognition is really important to us. Each month we publish and post our Center Stage magazine. This is our way of bragging about and uplifting every Passion Parties Consultant that has reached goals, hit bonuses and beat their best! As if that’s not enough, we also recognize Consultants at Convention, and it’s no little thing either! See our event photos on Facebook and Instagram. The party never ends!

Incentive Trips are luxurious all-inclusive exotic tropical vacations; you really can earn the vacation of a lifetime.

Marketing is an important element in being successful. Passion Parties has promotions and contests that will help grow your business. We provide a library of videos, logos, images and flyers to further promote your business. You even get your own website!

Training is simple and fun and created to help you become knowledgeable and confident. Our training includes regional meetings, our exclusive Passion Parties University, an online audio library, live calls and our PassionNet 2.0!


  • Catalogs, Brochures & Passion Parties Product Manual are offered both in print and online
  • Virtual Party Videos are a great way to showcase new products. The videos are packed with informative selling points, and help you upsell by reminding your guests about personal lubricating products and cleansers
  • Community Forum releases the latest announcements, provides tips and ideas, and allows Consultants to post any issues and receive peer and customer service assistance


  • Passion Power is a series of motivational and educational training events that take place across the US and Canada, providing supportive and pertinent information designed to help you be your best
  • Destination ED is where you want to be! Destination ED is an exclusive event for Executive Directors. It’s a few fun-filled days where our D.I.V.A.s meet, bond, share and learn. Elevating to the next level, and the best part, you can earn your way there! What does that mean? It means, meet the qualifications and attend the event for FREE!
  • Convention is the biggest Passion Party of the year! Take advantage of the powerful, motivating celebrity guest speakers, training, new product launch, education and of course, awards and recognition! Enjoy prizes, great food and build friendships that last a lifetime

 Million Dollar Club Member, Bobbie Jo Bleser, said, “This business is limitless, and truly, anyone who has the desire and willingness to learn can be a success.” And Bobbi Jo Kromm, Executive Director Council Member said, “You can achieve anything with this business. Live in the present; dream of the future, but don’t forget you hold the key to your own success.”

Yep, opportunity is knocking. Are you going to walk through the door? Contact your Consultant Lindsay Maldonado directly, if you don’t have one, visit and click on Become a Passion Consultant.

Passion & Prosperity Pac Includes: Candylicious Strawberry, Body Mist Pomegranate Ginger, Smoothing Sugar Scrub Coconut Lemongrass, Body Whip Mangosteen, Seduction Soy Massage Candle Blissful Breeze, All Mine (Revelation), Clean & Simple Adult Toy Cleanser, Progressor, Audrey, Velvet Curve, G-Spot Crème, Pure Satisfaction, Sili Rabbit, Mimi, Super Deluxe Smitten, Catalog (25), Hostess Rewards Brochure (25), Customer Order Forms (25), You Can Have It All Sponsoring Brochure (25), Sexy Is A Breeze (25), Party Cue Cards, Passion Pac Welcome Envelope, and Passion Parties Tote Bag.


5 Sexy Tips for a Sizzling Summer Staycation

27 Jul

5 Sexy Tips for a Sizzling Summer Staycation

Make Staying In Feel Really Good

While your Facebook friends may be posting photos from vacations in exotic locations, amusement parks or even the mountains, you may find yourself unable to experience such a luxury. Maybe it’s work, social obligations or a lack of funds. But whatever the reason, there is no excuse for not giving yourself the gift of a sexy staycation.

The whole purpose of a vacation is to spend quality time with the one you love. The fact of the matter is that you don’t need to leave the comfort of home to do this. With a little strategy and a lot of imagination, you and your lover can enjoy all the benefits a vacation has to offer without leaving town. Here are five tips to help:

  1. Plan it: Put as much effort into planning your staycation as you would put into any other vacation. Will you be staying home or in a nearby hotel? When will your staycation happen, and how many days will it last? Involve your partner in the process so that both of you are satisfied with the results.
  2. Create a theme and ambiance: It sounds silly, but developing a theme for your staycation helps to set the mood. If you two have been married forever, maybe you can recreate your honeymoon. Or, if you are both adventurers, select a safari theme. Dress and decorate your home or hotel room in a way that celebrates your chosen theme.
  3. Get rid of your dependents: Hey, it’s only temporary, right? If you have children, now is a great time to send them to Aunt Betty’s. Ask your sister to stay at home and watch your elderly parents while you and your love stay at a nearby hotel. And nowadays, there are many options for bordering pets. You and your playmate need quality, uninterrupted “we time”.
  4. Stock up on supplies: Who wants to make a trip to the store during a staycation? Be sure you have plenty of food, beverages, sun blocker, and of course, sensual items. You’ll want lubrication, a couple’s toy (think We-Vibe 4), a vibrator and lingerie. And don’t forget the batteries!
  5. Really be on vacation: Just because you’re staying in town doesn’t mean you can maintain your normal schedule. Take time off work. Get off the grid. Hide your technology, if you have to. Make an agreement not to check your email and to keep the television off. Focus all of your attention on your partner and give your relationship a break from stress and the pressures of the everyday world. You both deserve it.

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Passport to Passion

26 Jul


Passport to Passion

Tips for Great Vacation Sex at Home or Away

The Passport to Passion is your guide to the ultimate vacation sex – even if you don’t have any travel plans this summer. Vacation sex is all about breaking routines, tossing out schedules, leaving the worries of work and family behind so you can focus on the best destination there is – each other. Discover the passion this summer with these tips for the ultimate vacation sex.

Vacation sex doesn’t have to involve expensive airline tickets, passports or cab fare. Meet up at a local hotel for a night or a weekend. Visit a nearby restaurant for dinner. While you might go out to dinner all the time, going someplace other than home makes the evening more exciting. The next morning, order breakfast in bed from room service.

If you’ve never tried body finger painting, summer is a great time to try something new. With your partner’s naked body as your canvas, body painting involves a lot of sensual touch. It’s new and different and totally sexy.

Spice up a shower and have hot sex in summer rain. Bring your plants into the bathroom for decoration, burn a woodsy-smelling incense (like sandalwood, myrrh or cedar), turn on the shower and enjoy.

No time for a camping trip in the mountains with mosquitoes and lack of running water? Pitch a tent in the backyard. Use a lantern for some romantic lighting, inflate the air mattress and enjoy each other under the stars.

Have a summer picnic in your own living room. Lay out a blanket, prepare a picnic meal. Have lots of fresh fruit and hand feed each other. Curl up together and have a romantic movie marathon.

Captivate your partner by focusing on the sense of touch. Have your partner close their eyes or use a soft blindfold. Explore your partner’s body with a feather tickler, then your fingertips, and finally your lips. Spend five to ten minutes on each step. Save the best areas of your partner’s body for last.

If you have a pool or hot tub and lots of privacy, enjoy a playful skinny dip together.

Go all out and decorate a room in your home to mimic the scenery at a location you both want to go to in the future.


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