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Believe in Yourself

18 May

It always amazes being in this business how little women think of themselves and confidence within themselves among most is pretty lacking. It is sad really. It also sets a fire in me about why my business is so important to help empower women in and out of the bedroom that they too are worth it! Every woman deserves to be happy! Every woman deserves to treat herself to a girls’ night and some fabulous items! Everyone woman deserves…dare I say it… mind blowing ORGASMS!!

I often see women struggle in their mind to spend even $20 on themselves for shaving creme, let alone a $100 toy that will rock their world. So many women struggle to treat themselves and they shouldn’t! If their kid wanted a new whatever or their husband wanted something, they would be the first to go out and buy it for them…. yet they deserve nothing. Stop that! You deserve to treat yourself ladies. Don’t sacrifice your wants and needs so often that they don’t matter. You deserve whatever you want! You are worth it! Don’t let anyone tell you and different!

This really is apparent when women want to start their own business with me. They want to be a consultant and I can see so many fabulous qualities in these women I talk to that they so often do not see or believe in themselves. They will put everything else in front of them starting their new venture to earn more money, have more flexibility, freedoms, and opportunities. The kids, their husband, the car broke, the dog is sick, etc. above them making the investment in themselves to start their own business. The little voice in their head that says all the negative stuff starts yelling at them about how they can’t. Shut up and out that voice of self doubt, I am here to tell you I have seen it over and over again, you can do anything you set your mind and actions to!

Make yourself a priority ladies in and out of the bedroom. You will find yourself happier, more confident, and satisfied with life all around once you feel like you matter. You are special and you deserve it! The shaving creme, the vibrator, and the business kit, whatever it is that you want, you should have it! Whatever you want to do, you can do it! I think you will be damn good at it too! Ohhh…. and the orgasms…they will get better all the time!

believe in all that you are


Get To Know The G-SPOT!

28 Apr

Get to Know the G-Spot!

No, it’s not a myth. The G-spot DOES exist, along with the rumors of its promised pleasure. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about the G-spot, along with some bonus information you never thought to ask.

What It Is

The debate over what exactly the G-spot is still occurs today. Scientists have yet to definitively decide whether the G-spot is a group of glands and ducts clustered around the urethra or the point at which the nerves of the clitoris intersect with vaginal tissue on their way to the spinal column.

However, there are other experts who believe that the G-spot is a female prostate gland, because when stimulated, it may provoke an orgasmic ejaculation – a release of clear fluid through the urethra. Not all women ejaculate when experiencing a G-spot orgasm. But if you do, don’t worry. The fluid will not stain the sheets.

What we do know for sure is that the G-spot is a fleshy section located one to three inches inside the vagina on the front wall, and its exact placement may move over time. It is named after Dr. Ernst Grafenberg, the first modern physician to write about the area and substantiate its significance in female sexual pleasure.

How to Find It

Lie comfortably on your back and insert a finger or two, with your palm up toward the ceiling. Make the “come hither” motion with your finger(s). The G-spot tends to swell when massaged, much like the erectile tissue of a penis. If you begin your search after you are already excited or even after having had an orgasm, your G-spot will be that much easier to find.

As you explore the inside of your vagina, you will notice that the walls feel much like the inside of the cheeks of your mouth. When you feel a fleshy area that feels like the roof of your mouth, but with a rougher texture, you have discovered your G-spot.

You may not find it right away, but don’t give up. This is a search worth much dedication. Some women enjoy the exploration with a partner, finding that an extra set of hands makes it easier to find the G-spot. Others prefer to explore alone. Both options are equally valid, however, whether alone or with a significant other, enhancing your awareness of the G-spot can be assisted with the right sensual toys and Passion Parties’ exclusive G-Spot Crème.

G-spot Sensual Products

G-Spot Creme

The first G-spot sensual product you should try is Passion Parties’ exclusive G-spot Crème. This unique enhancer produces a stimulating effect to inspire sensual excitement in the G-spot. The rich ingredients interact with your G-spot to promote a higher awareness of sexual sensitivity, enabling greater erotic pleasure.

G-Spot Toys

In addition to the G-Spot Crème, you should also consider using a sensual toy created specifically for G-spot stimulation. The We-Vibe 4, Velvet Curve and the Lelo® Ina 2 are specially designed for G-spot arousal and enjoyment.

Explore G-spot ecstasy by generously adding some G-Spot Crème onto the end of the Lelo Ina 2, We-Vibe 4 or Velvet Curve in order to increase your awareness of your G-spot and intensify sensitivity.

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Why Men Should Love Not Fear Their Lady’s Sex Toys

26 Mar

If your girlfriend or wife expresses interest in using or sex toy, or if you have found out that she has being using one, do not be alarmed. The use of a sex toy does not mean that she is not satisfied in the relationship. Nor does it mean that you should feel intimidated by her vibrator in any way. The use of sex toys has become more popular with women who are in relationships too. However, there have been times when a woman has returned her adult product because her husband or boyfriend was upset that she purchased one in the first place. Using a sex toy is not necessarily an indication of dissatisfaction in her current relationship. It can actually have its benefits. Before you start to feel that you are in competition with her new bedroom buddy, here are some reasons why her use of sex toys can be a positive thing.

Using sex toys can allow her to discover what kind of stimulation feels best for her.


There are so many different types of sex toys available from traditional vibrators to clitoral and anal vibrators. When she uses these products, she can discover what type of stimulation works best for her. Plus, if she is having difficulty achieving an orgasm, your wife or girlfriend can start to feel frustrated with herself and potentially feel there is something wrong with her. However, she may find out that she is more responsive to clitoral stimulation which can be incorporated into your intimate moments. Using sex toys will help her and you understand what feels best for her and therefore, improve the overall experience in the bedroom.

Her sex toys will never replace you.

As much as you may be a little bit intimidated by her sex toy, there is no reason to feel as if you are in competition with it. A sex toy will never provide the warmth, intimacy, and love that you can provide her. As much as a sex toy can give her a lot of satisfaction, a sex toy will never replace a partner.

Sex Toys can add more excitement and pleasure into your bedroom fun.

If your partner is using sex toys, she may be more open to experimenting in the bedroom, which means more pleasure for the both of you. For example, she may be more open to trying light bondage, or using a vibrating erection ring with you during sexual intercourse. Her using a sex toy does not mean that you cannot be included. You can offer to use her vibrator or dildo on her as part of foreplay. Or, if your partner is feeling frisky, she may provide you with a show while you enjoy watching her use it on herself.

Remember, just because she wants to use a sex toy or is currently using one does not mean that you are not pleasing her or that you are not enough for her. Instead of feeling threatened by it, share in the pleasure with her.

Sensuality of Mutual Grooming

15 Mar


From bonding to hygiene to boredom to relieving stress, there are many reasons why animals groom one another. And humans do it, too, although our reasons normally stem from affection. Couples in love can find ways to sensually express themselves through mutual grooming, such as massaging, bathing together and even shaving each other. In this multi-tasking society, mutual grooming can be a fun way to not only spend time together but to also accomplish a personal task at the same time.

Here are a few ways you and your mate can make mutual grooming sensual and pleasurable.


Sensually massaging one another is the usual go-to foreplay event for most couples. Soothing aching muscles is always a welcomed experience, but having your partner’s hands explore every crevice of your body is an added bonus. Regular massaging tones and firms the skin by stimulating capillaries and glands, especially when using a textured massage tool that energizes the skin. This helps to reveal an overall radiant glow. Also, the skin contains nerve centers that connect with the brain’s pleasure center, so regular massaging contributes to an overall feeling of well-being. Using oils and lotions as part of a regular massage routine helps to hydrate and nourish the skin.

Mutual Shaving

According to, mutual shaving is one of the most popularly recommended games for couples who need to reignite a spark in their relationship. Simply put: many men have a fascination with a cleanly shaved genital area. On the other hand, many women find they are more willing to perform oral sex if their partner is free from hair down there. So not only does mutual shaving provide an avenue for couples to learn to trust one another, it also makes for a smoother sensation for oral play.

Bath for Two

Conserve water and bathe with your lover. Research from the Rheingold Institute in Germany proves that couples who bathe together from time to time have a deeper connection with their partners than those who only bathe solo. Add to the mix naked bodies and soapy bubbles, and you can give the phrase “I’ll wash your back, if you wash mine,” a super sexy meaning.

Introducing Single and Double Kegal Balls

12 Feb


Women work out for a multitude of reasons: Maybe they want to get stronger or leaner. Maybe they want more energy, want to feel more confident or are working toward the LGN (looks good naked) club.

Whatever the reason, working out has benefits both inside and out. But what about working out your vagina? Did you know there are benefits to both your physicality and sex life by working out your vaginal muscles? Unfortunately, you won’t find weights at your gym for your vaginal muscles and pelvic floor.

But with Passion Parties’ newest Single and Double Kegel Balls, your vaginal muscles will be getting the workout they need in addition to experiencing benefits of your new routine.

Vaginal exercises, done with Kegel Balls, can help strengthen both bladder muscles and the pelvic floor.

Many women suffer from incontinence (or a leaky bladder), but Kegel exercises reduce the likelihood and/or amount of leakage. Using Kegel Balls can also increase the intensity of women’s orgasms. Who doesn’t want that? But the benefits reach beyond just you; your Kegel Ball routine provides benefits to you partner as well. With a stronger pelvic area, your vagina will feel much tighter around your partner’s shaft during lovemaking. And with your new-found control over these often-unknown muscles, you’ll be able to squeeze and contract them, giving your man one wild ride!

Sounds pretty good, right? Are you ready to add Kegel exercises to your routine to get that pelvic area in shape? As a beginner, start with Passion Parties’ Single Kegel Ball. Once you master the single, you can move up to the more advanced level with the Double Kegel Balls, which increases the weight and depth and builds more muscle control. Think of it like adding more weight to your lifting routine or speed to your cardio.

Not all women enjoy working out, though, so here are a couple of differences between working out your pelvic muscles and the rest of your body that most women enjoy: no workout clothes, no gym membership and no sweat needed to feel the full benefits of this workout. Simply insert them, and carry on with your day. Both the Single and Double Kegel Balls have a soft feel to them; they are easy to insert and have a pull tab for easy removal.

Kegel Ball Tips:

  • Practicing Kegel exercises regularly will help a woman avoid incontinence (leaky bladder) and increase the intensity of her orgasms.
  • When inserted, Kegel Balls are invisible. So you can wear them while you’re out and about, and no one will ever know.
  • As we age, so do our bladders, vaginal muscles and pelvic floor. Kegel exercises will help avoid the side effects of growing old.

Get yours at:

5 Steps to a Passionate Night

11 Feb

talk sex
Any relationship expert will tell you that it’s important to keep the fire burning in your relationship. Variety, new experiences and attention can strengthen the bond between lovers. We turned to our Passion Parties experts for five steps to a passionate night.

Build anticipation. A little teasing can get the day started just right… Wake your partner with sweet, gentle kisses and a little touch, but don’t get carried away (reserve your ecstasy engines for the evening’s events). Just provide a little preview of things to come. Later in the day, send your lover a steamy sext message or email – making sure the message is sent to a secure and private channel and not anywhere that a coworker or boss could see it.
Get in the mood. After a long, stressful day, the last thing most of us feel like doing is ripping off our clothes and getting physical. But after a relaxing shower with a creamy, fragrant body cleanser, your confidence will soar and your mood will soften. We recommend bathing with our Refreshing Bath & Shower Crème in Coconut Lemongrass.
Pamper each other. What better way to end the day and begin a night of passion than with a simple, but loving, massage? For warmth and flavor combined, try a natural, soy-based candle infused with flavor. We like Tasty Temptation Massage Candle, which is available in three flavors. But cherry is our favorite.
Now, get creative. Blindfold each other. Bind each other… tickle or even paddle. Try something new and get playful. If you haven’t added a Passion Adventure Kit, Tease Me Tickler, Comfy Cuffs or Sexy Paddle to your Passion Pantry yet, now is the time to do so.
Be passionate. After you’ve pampered and played, embrace the warmth, intimacy and tenderness of each other’s love. Turn an orgasm into an “ourgasm” with a couple’s toy that satisfies you both simultaneously, such as Progressor vibrating c-ring or the very popular We-Vibe 4.

Have questions?!?! Want some of this stuff? Check out my website to shop or book a party to bring more passion to life:

10 products to make your valentines day a night to remember

6 Feb

10 items
After you’ve gotten all dressed up and enjoyed a lavish, romantic dinner; after you’ve exchanged loving cards and opened a box of your favorite chocolates, favorite perfume and/or displayed your bouquet of fresh, fragrant flowers; there’s only one thing left to do: Head to the bedroom.

Grab one or grab them all. These 10 products are sure to help you make it a Valentine’s Day night to remember.

Pure Satisfaction: For many couples, there’s a lot of buildup on Valentine’s Day. That’s really half the fun of it. So why not get it started first thing in the morning with a little Pure Satisfaction? Activate your sexual sensitivity, and you’ll be anxiously waiting for the Valentine’s Day festivities to begin.
Gizm-O: Get the party started before you even get to the bedroom by slipping Gizm-O into your panties and slyly handing your partner the remote on your way out the door to dinner. You bring a whole new meaning to the amuse-bouche!
Diamond Net Open Cup Bodystocking: Once you’re ready to move to the bedroom, slip on something naughty, like the Diamond Net Open Cup Bodystocking. Your lover won’t be able to keep his/her hands off you, and all your favorite areas will be accessible for play.
Feather Nipple Clamps: Valentine’s Day presents an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and try something new in the name of romance. So why not try something like the Feather Nipple Clamps? First of all, just the sight of you in them is sure to drive your partner wild. Second of all, many women find their nipples to be intense erogenous zones.
Crèmesicle: Nothing gets sexy time started like a nice sensual massage. Crèmesicle works double duty in that it’s a moisturizing massage lotion in addition to being a tasty crème to lick up.
Candy-Licious: Skip the traditional dessert; instead devour each other. Candy-Licious is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Apply directly to your tongue or to your partner for delicious fun.
G-Spot Crème: Let this be the Valentine’s Day that you discover your G-spot. G-Spot Creme produces a titillating effect for sexual excitement, that helps you find and pleasure your special spot.
We-Vibe 4: The We-Vibe 4 is the number one couple’s vibrator. The compact design hugs both your clitoris and G-spot without interfering with penetration. This toy doesn’t just help couples achieve simultaneous orgasm, it helps them reach better, bigger, more intense orgasms, also known as the “moregasm.”
Lelo Tor 2: This is another amazing couple’s toy, designed for him to wear but couples to share. The Lelo Tor 2 is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your man. Not only does it restrict the blood flow in his penis, helping him keep a harder erection for longer, but the sex powerful vibrating modes will bring intense pleasure to the both of you.
Revelation Personal Lubricant: Above all else, don’t forget the lube. Wetter is always better! This is one product you won’t want to shy away from this Valentine’s Day, or any other day for that matter.

Featured products in this post include: Pure Satisfaction (Item 2095 ∙ $42.50 US/ Item 2095C ∙ $48.50 CDN), Gizm-O (Item 1233 ∙$75.50 US/ Item 1233C ∙ $82.50 CDN), Diamond Net Open Cup Bodystocking (Item 5380 ∙ $29.50 US/ Item 5380C ∙ $34.50 CDN), Feather Nipple Clamps (Item 3011 ∙ $19.00 US/ Item 3011C ∙ $19.00 CDN), Crèmesicle (Item 8111 ∙ $13.50 US/ Item 8111C ∙ $16.00 CDN), Candy-Licious (Item 8079 ∙ $15.00 US/ Item 8079C ∙ $17.00 CDN), G-Spot Creme (Item 2031 ∙ $29.50 US/Item 2031C ∙ $36.00 CDN), We-Vibe 4 (Item 1309 ∙ $169.00 US/ Item 1309C ∙ $169.00 CDN), Lelo Tor 2 (Item 1004 ∙ $119.00 US/ Item 1004C ∙ $119.00 CDN) and Revelation Personal Lubricant (Item 2207 ∙ $12.50 US/ Item 2207C ∙ $16.50 CDN). To place an order, contact your Passion Consultant. Don’t have one? Visit and click on Shop Online to place your order.

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