Thanks to Passion Parties…

©       I was able to pay for living expenses through college and part of my tuition as I begin to build a business where work solely for myself, when I want, and where I want.

©       I paid for all my must haves for my wedding in 2009 that I couldn’t live without but no one else was willing to foot the bill.

©       I’ve been able to cover all of my personal bills and have enough left over to start paying down my debt.

©       I’ve had the unexpected advantage of being able to travel all over the country thanks to my flexible schedule and my income. Including trips to New York/Virginia/Utah/Tennessee/Las Vegas where my plane fare was covered by sales from a single party. I went to our 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013 annual Passion Powers. Been to Vegas 5 times where my mileage, hotel stay, and conference registration were completely covered by the company due to rewards I’d earned. By owning my own business I get to write off all my expenses on my taxes.$$$

©       I earned an ALL EXPENSES paid trip to Punta Canta, Domincan Republic in 2010 and enjoyed the trip with my sister as her graduation present which was a relaxing and memorable trip for both of us. It was nice to save only enough money for a trip based upon how much I wanted to go on fun excursions or go shopping!

©       I earned an ALL EXPENSES paid Cruise for my husband and myself. We used it as our baby moon and it was his first time out of the country! He described it as our most relaxing trip ever! ❤ Spring 2012

©       ALL EXPENSES PAID TRIP to CABO for My Husband & I + $500 Spa and Excursion Credit- May 2013

©       I get a “night out with the girls” nearly every weekend, and a few weeknights with new and fun people who are always happy to see me and often entertain me as much as I might entertain them.

©       I’ve made tons of new friends both at parties and through our network of consultants. Some friendships that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

©       I’ve helped countless women find solutions that either enhanced or even SAVED their relationships.

©       I’ve become better at public speaking, leadership, accounting, sales, marketing, advertising, and even organization.

©       I’ve received numerous types of recognition for my hard work including awards, prizes, product, jewelry, coach purses, an I-pad, cash bonuses and more from my upline and Passion Parties, and my name is in our monthly company magazine most months.

©       I am determined to buy my husband a brand new truck and get a monthly car bonus to help pay for it.

©       I get to be at home with my son EVERYDAY!

©       On top of it all, I can honestly say that I truly LOVE what I do. How many people can say that about their work? And it all started with $250 and a small leap of faith. Little did I know I would have this much fun being a business owner, and really discover this business is a self improvement program with a pay scale and lots of perks. Have you thought about it? Just ask!

©       Lindsay Maldonado (Call/Text: 561-385-2985)


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