Making Sex a Little Sweeter

6 Sep

Making Sex Sweeter

Introducing edibles to your love life increases the lovemaking experience by adding extra spice (and flavor, of course) to the usual sexual encounter. With all of the choices available, you’re sure to find something to enhance the passion between you and your partner.

Sugar: Is it safe?

Adding tasty treats to your passion play is sure to rev up the romance between you and your special someone. While grabbing the chocolate syrup and the whipped cream might seem like a good idea, you’ve probably heard that consuming a lot of refined sugar makes you more susceptible to yeast infections. Why? Because candida (the fungus that causes yeast infections) thrives on sugar. High amounts of sugar in your diet may lead to increased sugar levels in your urine and decrease your vagina’s natural pH balance. For this reason, foods containing sugar should not be used directly on, in, or near your vagina. But the fun’s not over, because Passion Parties has a wide array of sensual products designed to help you sweeten up your love life. Always be sure to look for the vagina friendly icon (VF) before using any product on, in, or near your vagina.

Flavored Passion Products: What makes them sweet?

Falvored Passion Products

Glycerin (also known as glycerol, glycerine): A colorless, odorless, sweet-tasting liquid used in many pharmaceutical formulas. Also known as a sugar alcohol, glycerin will not increase blood sugar levels or alter a woman’s natural chemical balance. Flavored Passion Products containing glycerin are Crèmesicle, Embrace, Candylicious, Tasty Tease and Fireworks.

Saccharin: The oldest known artificial sweetener. There is no known connection between saccharin and yeast infections in studies performed by the National Cancer Institute. Flavored Passion Products containing saccharin are Nipple Nibblers, Candylicious, Crèmesicle, Embrace and Tasty Tease.

Sorbitol is a sweetener naturally found in apples, plums, pears, cherries, dates, peaches, and apricots. You will see it as a common sugar alternative in candies and gum. Flavored Passion Products containing sorbitol: Embrace (Vanilla and Strawberry)

Sugar (also known as sucrose, saccharose): A naturally grown food and beverage sweetener. Products containing sugar should never be used near the vagina but can be used to encourage your lover to linger on your neck, arms, chest and stomach. Flavored Passion Products containing sugar are the Passion Powders (White Chocolate, Cotton Candy and Chocolate Raspberry).


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