Introducing Single and Double Kegal Balls

12 Feb


Women work out for a multitude of reasons: Maybe they want to get stronger or leaner. Maybe they want more energy, want to feel more confident or are working toward the LGN (looks good naked) club.

Whatever the reason, working out has benefits both inside and out. But what about working out your vagina? Did you know there are benefits to both your physicality and sex life by working out your vaginal muscles? Unfortunately, you won’t find weights at your gym for your vaginal muscles and pelvic floor.

But with Passion Parties’ newest Single and Double Kegel Balls, your vaginal muscles will be getting the workout they need in addition to experiencing benefits of your new routine.

Vaginal exercises, done with Kegel Balls, can help strengthen both bladder muscles and the pelvic floor.

Many women suffer from incontinence (or a leaky bladder), but Kegel exercises reduce the likelihood and/or amount of leakage. Using Kegel Balls can also increase the intensity of women’s orgasms. Who doesn’t want that? But the benefits reach beyond just you; your Kegel Ball routine provides benefits to you partner as well. With a stronger pelvic area, your vagina will feel much tighter around your partner’s shaft during lovemaking. And with your new-found control over these often-unknown muscles, you’ll be able to squeeze and contract them, giving your man one wild ride!

Sounds pretty good, right? Are you ready to add Kegel exercises to your routine to get that pelvic area in shape? As a beginner, start with Passion Parties’ Single Kegel Ball. Once you master the single, you can move up to the more advanced level with the Double Kegel Balls, which increases the weight and depth and builds more muscle control. Think of it like adding more weight to your lifting routine or speed to your cardio.

Not all women enjoy working out, though, so here are a couple of differences between working out your pelvic muscles and the rest of your body that most women enjoy: no workout clothes, no gym membership and no sweat needed to feel the full benefits of this workout. Simply insert them, and carry on with your day. Both the Single and Double Kegel Balls have a soft feel to them; they are easy to insert and have a pull tab for easy removal.

Kegel Ball Tips:

  • Practicing Kegel exercises regularly will help a woman avoid incontinence (leaky bladder) and increase the intensity of her orgasms.
  • When inserted, Kegel Balls are invisible. So you can wear them while you’re out and about, and no one will ever know.
  • As we age, so do our bladders, vaginal muscles and pelvic floor. Kegel exercises will help avoid the side effects of growing old.

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