5 Date Ideas for an Amorous Autumn

4 Nov

During the autumn months, it’s as if Mother Nature has put on her red lipstick and heels… The rich colors, perfect balance of spicy and sweet, and titillating breeze make this time of year beyond irresistible! Savor this oh-so-sexy season with our five date ideas.

1. Bake a pumpkin pie.
Sweet apple pie might be the all American dessert staple. However, when it comes to turning your man on, autumn’s favorite treat wins hands-down! According to a recent report by Chicago’s Smell & Taste Research Center, the fragrance of pumpkin pie is one of the top scents shown to increase penile blood flow. So, get baking – together!

Passion Tip: Feed him the pumpkin pie in a lavender infused bathtub! (When paired together, the two fragrances have an extra potent effect.)

2. Indulge your carefree spirit.
Isn’t it amazing how some of the most innocent activities can provide the sexiest fun in our adult years? Give into your wild nature by switching off your “grown-up” mode for a day. Hayrides, apple picking, pumpkin carving, and wrestling around in the leaves with your sweetie can really build intimacy. See for yourself!

Passion Tip: Don’t let gray, rainy weather ruin the fun! Just move it indoors and enjoy your favorite card and board games.

3. Get warm and toasty.
As the weather cools, the urge to cuddle increases. Give the season a big hello by embracing its cozy quality. Invite your lover to join you for an evening of cuddling under a blanket. Pop a bag of popcorn, light the fireplace, and watch a few scary movies.

Passion Tip: Complete the night with a romantic couple’s rub-down with Hugs & Kisses, the set of easy-to-warm massage packs.

4. Picnic in the park.
While most think of spring and summer as the seasons for a feast beneath the trees, fall deserves the spotlight, too. Breezy air and the vibrant tapestry of changing leaves bring a certain magic that can only be described as, well, autumn. Instead of the traditional picnic basket, store your noms in warm beverage containers. Soup and hot chocolate, anyone?

Passion Tip: Make out like it’s nobody’s business!

5. Partake in the festivities.
Check out the calendar of local events in your town for tons of great date ideas. With milder weather comes a plethora of fun activities and entertainment. From beer tasting at Oktoberfest to outdoor concerts, Halloween parties and food festivals, the opportunities are endless.

Passion Tip: After a day out, enjoy an evening in. Sex smorgasbord? Yes, please!

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