What if he is too small for you…

10 Sep

Aug 30

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A few weeks ago, we offered some tips and techniques for finding pleasure with a man with an overzealous package.  Today, we look at the shorter end of the stick – what to do if he’s too small for you.

When the average length of an erect penis coming in between 5.1 and 5.9 inches, and “only 15 percent of men (being) longer than 7 inches and just 3 percent 8 inches,” says Jane Bogart, director for student wellness at Columbia University Medical Center and author of “Sexploration: The Ultimate Guide to Feeling Truly Great in Bed,” it’s probably a fair assumption that there are more women – and men – smoking cigarettes than cigars.

But don’t despair, ladies, and don’t send your man packing just yet. Here at Passion Parties, we believe there are ways to make the most of your man’s skin flute, just follow some of these tips, tricks and techniques on what to do if he’s too small for you:

  • Be Sensitive. Men have feelings and emotions, too, and just like how our weight can be a touchy subject, so too, can his penis size. In the wise words of Lady Gaga, “(He) was born this way.” So before you gasp in disappointment upon the first reveal or you ask him if he’s inside you, remember his feelings and insecurities. Bigger is not always better, and men who feel inadequate in inches, usually compensate for it by leaps and bounds in other ways.
  • Don’t give fake compliments. If you sense that your man is self-conscious about his size, the worst thing you can do is fire off a fake compliment. It will come across as insincere and will likely make him feel worse about the situation. Instead compliment him in other areas – areas that he’s not self-conscious about and areas that do turn you on. Grab his biceps and ask him if he’s been working out. Tell him how much you love that special thing he does just right. Kiss his neck and ear and whisper how good his naked body feels against you. Boost his confidence by giving him a real compliment.
  • Do your part. Do you remember the “Sex and the City” episode where Samantha dates a man less endowed than she’s used to, and he points out that perhaps it’s her vagina that’s the problem? Really, if you’re dealing with this situation, both parties have to be willing to maximize the experience, and for women, that means Kegels. That’s right, ladies. We can’t stress these vaginal exercises enough. By tightening your PC muscles, you’re vagina will be able to have a tighter grip around his penis, decreasing the chances of any slip-outs, so bust out your Kegel Balls and get to toning.
  • Maximize your positions. Just because your man isn’t slinging a shlong doesn’t mean you have to forego your favorite sex positions. It’s all about the modifications. If you and your man like missionary, try placing a pillow under your hips before he enters you to maximize the angle he has to penetrate you. Also, try resting your feet on your man’s shoulders or bending your knees and placing them between his sides and arms (almost like you’re tucking your knees into his armpits). This will allow his thrust to penetrate deeper. If you like if doggie style, try creating a steep pelvic tilt by lowering your chest and head to the mattress while your butt is high in the air. He’ll enjoy the view, and you’ll enjoy the feeling of fullness! If you’re in the mood to take charge, climb on top and get to it! Just avoid moving up and down his shaft and instead stick to gyrating back and forth or in circles. Not only will these motions prevent slip-outs, but they’ll also enhance clitoral stimulation while you rub against his pelvic bone.
  • Use toys. There are many toys that can enhance an erection and please you as well. Using a c-ring will constrict the blood flow, resulting in harder, longer erections. We recommend the Lelo Tor 2. With a tight squeeze for him and seven modes of vibration for you both, it’s a win-win. If girth is more of the issue, pick up a Hot Rod Enhancer, which adds circumference and texture to your man’s member. He can also always use a bullet or vibrator on you while in you’re making love, which is a good option regardless of size. Passion Parties has many different products that can enhance any sexual experience. Try one; try them all!

Hopefully these tips, tricks and techniques have given you some hope. The most important thing is not what he has but how he uses what he has. If you’re trying to work with a small penis, don’t lose hope, just get creative and experiment. Small can be mighty!

Featured products in this post include: Kegel Balls (Item 4636 ● $19.00 US/ Item 4636C ● $23.50 CDN), Lelo Tor 2 (Item 1004 ● $119.00 US/ Item 1004C ● $119.00 CDN) and Hot Rod Enhancer (Item 7003 ● $12.00 US/ Item 7003C ● $15.00 CDN). To place an order, contact your Passion Consultant today. If you don’t have a Consultant, visit the Passion Parties website at www.FLTOYParties.com.com, and click on SHOP ONLINE  to place your order now.


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