Celebrate National Romance Awareness Month!

15 Aug


Aww, romance. It’s a word we all love – the sound of it, being a part of it, the benefits of it.

Romance is so often associated with red roses, fancy dinners, silky lingerie or jewelry, and not that we’d pass up any of the above, but romance doesn’t always have to be an over-the-top gesture. Sometimes romance can be leaving a little note for your lover to read first thing in the morning. Romance can be cooking your partner’s favorite meal. It can even be sending an email half-way through the day reminding him or her that you can’t wait to get home and watch your favorite TV show in your PJs together.

So … in the name of National Romance Awareness Month, now is the perfect time to get out of your routine and comfort zone and redefine what romance is to you and your lover. Here are a few ideas to help you celebrate National Romance Awareness Month:

  • Sexy and/or flirty communications: Nothing makes us smile more than a little love note from our partner, especially an unexpected one. It doesn’t need to be long and sappy, just a brief note, text or email with a cute phrase or saying will do the trick. However, feel free to spice it up as well. Get the foreplay started first thing in the morning for a wild, mid-week romp that evening with a sexy text. Need ideas, check out this blog.
  • Pamper yourself and your partner to feel beautiful, sexy and confident: Wake up your senses with some pampering, and schedule a couple’s massage for you and your lover. Massages get the blood circulating; plus, after an hour of laying naked side-by-side while having your whole body massaged, you’ll be hard-pressed to  hit the parking lot before your hands are all over each other. It’s the perfect unexpected and innocent foreplay! If a professional massage isn’t in the budget, create the experience at home. Using the Passion Massage Lotion and Super Deluxe Smitten, you and your lover can take turns rubbing down one another, and the best part of an at home massage: No body parts are off limits!
  • Date your mate: So often we hear about – and possibly get jealous of – new couples in the early and exciting dating stage. Everything is so new, and both parties are trying to impress each other with everything from their outfits to their careers to their unique date-night ideas. Of course we remember the fun and excitement of that stage, but what we fail to remember is how nervous we were, how skeptical we were if this person was too good to be true and what sort of baggage was going to come along with the date. Dating the person you’ve been with for a longer period of time definitely has its benefits. You already know the baggage, have accepted it and moved on. You know that you enjoy this person and want to spend time with him or her, so bust out that sexy black dress and heels and plan a one-on-one date with your partner. Think back to some of your favorite dates when you first met, and recreate one of them, or make plans to do something you and your lover have been talking about but haven’t made the time for. Even though the “honeymoon stage” might be over, there are still plenty of fun, unique and even sexy adventures to have with your partner.
  • Spice things up: Give your bedroom a little boost in the romance department as well. While the traditional gestures of romance in the bedroom might be nice (i.e. rose pedals, champagne and candles) opt for something that’s really going to make you connect between the sheets. Start with a fun, sexy game like Sex! The Card Game. After you’ve revealed a couple secret fantasies, perhaps there are one or two that can be acted out. Grab your Comfy Cuffs and Sexy Paddle and have some fun! By experimenting and introducing new toys into the bedroom, not only will you boost intimacy, but you’ll also gain more trust in your partner, and we think that’s pretty romantic!

Couples that try new activities together often have a more intense connection, fight less and have spicier sex. Let National Romance Awareness Month inspire you and your lover to experience a new adventure together and boost the romance in your relationship.

Featured products in this post include: Passion Massage Lotion (Item 2408 • $11.00 US / Item 2408C • $12.00 CDN), Super Deluxe Smitten (Item 2414 • $22.00 US / Item 2414C • $24.50), Sex! The Card Game (Item 3035 • $7.50 US / Item 3035C • $9.00 CDN), Comfy Cuffs (Item 3012 • $24.00 US / Item 3012C • $28.00 CDN) and Sexy Paddle (Item 3107 • $16.50 US / Item 3107C • $16.50 CDN). To place an order,  contact your Passion Consultant today. If you don’t have a Consultant, visit my website: www.FLToyParties.com.


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