Introducing Luxury Sex Toys to Your Toy Box

18 Jul

1256 Lelo Soraya v3

Take a look around you. Have you upgraded to a smart phone? And what kind of handbag are you carrying? How about those pumps you’re donning?

For many busy, successful women, investing in quality products – from technology to home furnishings to apparel – is the way to go. Women recognize that although the cost might be greater upfront, the product has a longer shelf life, is made out of higher end materials and probably makes you feel like a million bucks!

The same goes for luxury sex toys, ladies, but unlike your cell phone, furniture and/or apparel, luxury sex toys will give you an orgasm! In our minds, that should be reason enough, but here are a few more reasons to consider introducing luxury sex toys to your toy box:

  1. Luxury sex toys perform the best. Unlike regular sex toys, luxury sex toys are ergonomically designed to be powerful yet quiet and feature special bells and whistles yet have a longer battery and shelf life. Luxury is not just the name. It’s what these toys offer.
  2. Luxury sex toys are constructed from better quality materials. There have been many discussions in the adult toy industry about the safeness of the materials toys are made of. With luxury sex toys, there’s no need to worry. High-end sex toys are usually made of medical grade silicone, stainless steel or glass. There’s even a sex toy made completely of 24k gold; talk about luxury! These materials are phthalate free and toxic chemical free.
  3. Luxury sex toys do not require batteries. The best toys are the ones that deliver and the ones that last. Most luxury sex toys have longer battery lives and are rechargeable. Gone are the days of worrying about having an unlimited supply of batteries in your bedside table to ensure you get to your next orgasm. Being able to quickly and easily plug your toy into a regular wall charger or even USB charger, means your luxury toy will be ready to go whenever you are. And just think how eco-friendly you’re being, saving all those batteries from landfill!

Luxury sex toys offer amazing benefits and are worth investing in for a happy, healthy and sexually satisfied life. Now what smart phone can tout that!

Interested in purchasing a luxury sex toy? Check out We-Vibe 3 (Item 1306 • $169.00 US/ Item 1306C • $169.00 CDN), We-Vibe Thrill (Item 1308  • $139.00 US/ Item 1308C • $139.00 CDN), Lelo Ina 2 (Item 1182 • $169.00 US/ Item 1182C • $169.00 CDN) and Lelo Soraya (Item 1256 • $199.00/ Item 1256C • $169.00 CDN). Please contact your Passion Consultant today. If you don’t have a Consultant, visit the Passion Parties website at, and click on Shop Online to place your order now.


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