How to create a Sexy Dinner for Two…

16 Jul

How to Create a Sexy Dinner Party for Two

Trying the hottest new bistro, tapas joint or celebrity chef restaurant is fun, but when’s the last time you and your lover dined in? (And, we’re not talking about ordering Chinese take-out or a pizza, but actually cooking up a homemade meal, candlelight included.) Even if your answer is “Often,” we still think you should read these tips on how to create a sexy dinner party for two – Passion Parties-style!

Include your partner.
This isn’t going to be a boring, cook-it-alone kind of affair. No, D.I.V.A., you AND your sweetie will be involved in the entire process. So, pick a day that’s free for you both.

Select the menu.
Most of us have our special dish that is always dependable no matter what. Maybe it’s macaroni and cheese, or a pasta recipe handed down from generation to generation. That’s really cute. But, we’d like to encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone, and prepare a meal that you’ve never made before. Why? Well, first, it’s exciting and will give you a boost of confidence. And, secondly, both you and your partner will enjoy the variety.

There are a number of tasty recipes in The New Intercourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook. In this 10th anniversary special edition book, you’ll find a variety of aphrodisiac-infused dishes, with easy-to-follow instructions on how to cook each one. Our recommendation for the perfect summertime four-course meal: Steamed Artichoke Leaves with Green Goddess Dressing, Grilled Oysters (well, duh!), Crisped Rosemary Chicken and Indoor S’mores for Grown-Ups. Are you a vegetarian? Don’t worry! The book features plenty of options for you non-omnivores as well.

When choosing your menu items, always opt for lighter dishes as opposed to heavy and rich noms. Gas, heartburn and indigestion can really ruin a good evening, and you definitely don’t want that.

Pick out your date outfit.
Just because you’ll be enjoying the night in, that doesn’t mean you should wear yoga pants and a tank top. Quite the contrary! When selecting your dinner-party-for-two wardrobe, apply the same logic you would when prepping for a romantic evening out. That LBD (little black dress) is always a winner. Or, for something a little more comfy, how about a summer dress? Don’t forget about your makeup and hair, D.I.V.A.!

Cook together.
Did you know that cooking with your significant other is not only fun, but can really build intimacy in your relationship? Slow down and savor every flavor, texture and taste. (If you need a little inspiration, we recommend you watch THAT oh-so-sexy kitchen scene in the film Woman on Top.) However, don’t get too carried away, as you’ll need to save some room for dessert… (hint, hint.)

Create the ambiance.
Dress your dinner table with sophistication and class. Think fresh flowers, nice silverware, wine glasses, high-quality dishes, etc. If you don’t own fancy-schmancy stuff, don’t worry about it. Just put some effort into making the eating area look nice. (Here’s an easy tip: Sprinkle some rose petals on the table.) Don’t forget the candles, and soft music…

Mind your manners.
During dinner, be the charming version of yourself, and not the nagging girlfriend or wife-type. You know that topic that really annoys your partner? Avoid it like the plague… and instead focus on positive things. Talk about experiences that you’d like to have together, and what sexual things you hope to do later that evening.

Clean up.
The last thing you want to do is leave a disaster to tackle tomorrow. Just clean up now, and later you won’t have to worry about it. Make cleaning fun by holding a competition with your lover – the one who cleans up the most, receives oral sex immediately after.

Enjoy dessert.
Here’s where the real feast takes place… Bon Appétit!

Do the recipes in The New Intercourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook (Item 6523 • $30.00 US/ Item 6523C • $34.50 CDN) sound delicious to you? Why not order the book by contacting your Passion Consultant today. If you don’t have a Consultant, visit the Passion Parties website at, and click on Shop Online to place your order now.


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