5 Sexy Summer Date Ideas

27 Jun

5 Sexy Summer Date Ideas

Summer has officially arrived. Why not make the most of the season of longer days with these sizzling summer date ideas? All you need is an open mind and a willing spirit, and good times are yours!

1. Spend a weekend camping. It might seem like a no-brainer, but when is the last time you slept in Mother Nature? Stop putting it off, and actually plan a one or two-day trip. With an Internet search and proper prep, you’ll be ready for the natural elements. Don’t forget to add the following to your agenda: campfire, star-gazing, ghost story telling, smores, and cuddling in the tent. Awww…

Passion Tip: Safe sex is the best sex! Don’t forget to pack condoms, birth control, etc. And, having back-up emergency contraception wouldn’t hurt either.

2. Engage in aquatic activities. Kayaking, boating, whitewater rafting, canoeing, water-skiing… there are so many options. Getting a little adventurous can really tighten your connection, and help you get to know one another better. Plus, it’s just plain fun! If you’re feeling extra wild, why not try skinny-dipping at night? Just be sure that it’s not a public show…

Passion Tip: After a day of water adventures, you’ll be ready for bed. Have a sleepover, and then enjoy breakfast together the following day. Discuss what you loved most about the adventure, and what you’d like to do on the next.

3. Take a day road-trip. Why not explore your home state by visiting a spot neither of you have been before? There is apt to be excitement within a two-hour drive. Check out a state park, nature preserve, historical monument, wildlife refuge or other sight in a neighboring town. Don’t forget to stop at a highway diner for some good ol’ grub! And, bring your camera so that you can document the day.

Passion Tip: Find a safe spot on the side of the road for a quick make-out session.

4. Partake in the festivities. Summer is a popular time of year for concerts, festivals and fairs. Look up the schedule of events in your town or nearby city, and make a day of it. Try to find something that appeals to both of you – like food, rides, music, etc. If possible, choose something that channels your inner-child, like a carnival or state fair.

Passion Tip: After a day-long outing, you’ll be ready for a shower. So, take one together!

5. Enjoy a movie or TV marathon. Imagine it for a moment – you and your lover curled up on the couch (or an air mattress) with your favorite beverage and snacks, while you fall in love with a new television series, or catch up on the Oscar flicks you didn’t get a chance to see. The TV might not seem like an obvious choice for romance, but it’s a great way to build intimacy (when done in moderation, of course). For an extra intimate experience, give one another neck massages.

Passion Tip: For a sexy twist, strip down to lingerie or even your birthday suit.

However you decide to spend time with your sweetie, be sure to stay well hydrated. After all, there is nothing sexy or fun about passing out from heat exhaustion! If the temperature gets really high, you can always rub a few ice cubes on one another.

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