Test Your Sex Smarts: Fact or Fiction?

26 Jun

Happy couple with laptop computer smiling

How sex savvy are you? Test your sex smarts and find out! For more fun, test your lover’s, too. This entertaining and educational trivia game could be a great way to start an open conversation about sex with your partner. So test your sex smarts now.

1. Sexual Intercourse feels better than masturbation. Fact or Fiction?
FICTION—Pleasure-inducing hormones known as endorphins are released into your system during all types of sexual activity. The pleasure level varies and can be just as strong, or stronger, during masturbation.

2. Masturbation leads to less enjoyment of sex with a partner. Fact or Fiction?
FICTION—Masturbation helps you discover your hot spots. Many women pass this knowledge on to their partner and, in doing so, experience better sex. In addition, solo-foreplay can enhance arousal, and lead to stronger and more frequent orgasms during sex.

3. Solo pleasure is not uncommon for seniors. Fact or Fiction?
FACT—Adults may masturbate well into their post-retirement days. Recent surveys showed that nearly half of adults over the age of 60 have masturbated at least once during their golden years, and one-fifth of all seniors masturbate once a week or more.

4. The benefits of masturbation are purely sexual. Fact or Fiction?
FICTION—Masturbation can help you sleep better, relieve cramps, build self-esteem, lower stress and anxiety, and much more.


  • Masturbation can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.
  • Women in relationships are more likely to use vibrators than women who are single.
  • Over half of married women masturbate, according to a recent study.
  • Over 90% of women have masturbated at least once.

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