Femme-Scaping DIY Tips for a Smooth Bikini Area

25 Jun

Beautiful woman washing hair in shower

When it comes to shaving, perhaps the most sensitive area to shave is that which surrounds our pubic area, also known as the mons pubis, which is an area most of us would like to look feminine, pretty and enticing. Regardless of rocking a full bush, a landing strip or nothing at all, getting our style just right down there takes time, and the last thing we want is razor burn, ingrown hairs or irritated and tender skin. So what’s a girl to do?

For some, going to a salon for regular waxing or even laser hair removal is the way to go. But those options are not always realistic for the D.I.V.A. on a budget. There’s also a host of shaving myths many women try with no avail. Ever heard of using conditioner, men’s shaving foam or applying a deodorant stick to the area post shaving? These are just a few of the proposed solutions out there, but ladies, save your conditioner for the hair on your head, your deodorant for your underarms and ditch the men’s shaving foam, its residual residue and manly haze for some effective, shave-specific products, and check out some of these femme-scaping DIY tips for a smooth bikini area.

  • Start with a trim. Before you hop in the shower or bath, grab a pair of scissors or even electric clippers and snip away the majority of the unwanted hair. The longer, coarser and thicker the hair is when using a regular razor, the more likely the blade will become dull, causing razor burn.
  • Let your pores open. The longer you’re in the shower before shaving, the better. The hot water and steam helps open the pores, which will make hair follicles more relaxed and easier to shave.


  • Use shaving cream. Specific shaving products create a protective barrier between the razor and sensitive skin. Passion Parties’ Soft & Silky™ Shaving Crème is a great option. Containing Jojoba Oil and Keratin, this formula is moisturizing, and it actually softens hair follicles for a cleaner, longer-lasting shave.
  • Use new blades and shave with care. Razor blades are expensive, but using a new blade can make a huge difference in preventing nicks and cuts. Always shave in the direction of the hair, and rinse the blade often.
  • Follow up with post-shave protection. Did you know there was such a thing? Well there is! Passion Parties Soft & Silky™ After Shave Protection Mist nurtures newly shaven skin, moisturizes and creates a protective barrier between the sensitive, freshly shaven skin and clothes or different materials that may rub that area. Spritz on after you shave and/or anytime you get out of the shower after you’ve recently shaved.

Gone are the days of razor burn and ingrown hairs. Follow these simple femme-scaping DIY tricks, and you’ll have that soft, sexy mons pubis you’ve always wanted.

Featured products include Soft & Silky™ After Shave Protection Mist and Soft & Silky™ Shaving Crème, which are packaged together in the Soft & Silky™ Duo set at a $2.50 discount (Item 2020 • $26.00 US/ Item 2020C • $29.50 CDN). To purchase these products, please contact your Passion Consultant. If you don’t have a Consultant, visit the Passion Parties website at www.FLToyParties.com, and click on Shop Online to place your order now.


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