Happy National Masturbation Month!

16 May


Did you know that May is National Masturbation Month? At Passion Parties, we certainly think this is an event worth celebrating!

According to Wikipedia, National Masturbation Month started off in 1995 as a day in May to not only celebrate masturbation but to also protect the right to do it. Eventually, National Masturbation Day evolved into a month.

In an effort to raise money for sexual health and awareness, cities like San Francisco and Philadelphia host Masturbate-A-Thons throughout May. But if you don’t live in one of these pleasure-loving towns, we see no reason why you can’t celebrate the festivities on your own… or with a lover.

So grab your favorite toy, put on some groovy music and get to practicing a lot of self-love. Here are our top tips for celebrating National Masturbation Month.

  1. Celebrate all month long. Don’t just pick one day to celebrate this thrilling event. Celebrate it every day, if you can.
  2. Celebrate with a friend. A festive occasion is more fun when it’s spent with someone you love. A session of mutual masturbation with your romantic partner can add a level of bonding and intimacy you may have not experienced before. Plus, it’s a great way for each of you to learn more about each other’s pleasures and desires.
  3. Treat yourself to a new toy! There’s just something about shopping that completes our holidays and celebratory experiences. So contact your Passion Consultant (or visit us online at www.FLToyParties.com) and get yourself a new toy for National Masturbation Month. We recommend Gigi for the guys and Lelo Ina 2 for the ladies.
  4. Use a lot of lubrication. We always say that once you go wetter, you’ll know that it’s better! Our top pick? Revelation Lubricant, of course!

Lastly, use National Masturbation Month as a reason to be good to yourself, explore your sexual intimacy levels and discover new pleasures. National Masturbation Month could also be considered National Love Yourself Month. So go ahead, love yourself, and make the effort to keep that loving feeling going all year long.

Featured products: Lelo® Ina 2 (Item 1182 • $169.00 US/ Item 1182C • $169.00 CDN), Gigi (Item 4003 • $29.00 US/ Item 4003C • $35.00 CDN), Revelation Lubricant (Item 2207 • $12.50 US/ Item 2207C • $16.50 CDN). To purchase any of these products, please contact your Passion Consultant. If you don’t have a Consultant, visit the Passion Parties website at www.FlToyParties.com, and click on Shop Online to place your order now.


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