Sexy Game Night

9 Apr

couple sex games

It’s Tuesday night. The dishes are done. The kids are in bed. Watching “Chelsea Lately” while your partner surfs the Internet sounds like a great end of the day, but then you remember something: You recently received your goodies from your last Passion Party, and one of those goodies is Roll Play, a dice game for lovers.

Your midweek sex life has been a bit boring if not nonexistent as of late. You and your partner have been so consumed with everything on your daily to-do lists – whether it’s picking up the kids’ carpool, getting that big project for work done, getting to the gym or the million other things that must get done between the time you rise until you fall exhausted into bed. At that point, sex may be the last thing from you mind, and if it does happen, it might feel more like a chore than a fun, midweek rendezvous. A quick round of Roll Play may be just the thing that spices up the week and adds passion back in the bedroom.roll play passion parties sex game

Roll Play consists of three different dice. One die has different body parts on each side. One has different actions on it, and the last die has different places on each side. As your partner is reading his or her favorite website, drop the three dice in  his or her lap. With a smirk on your face, pick up the dice and say, “Better roll again. I couldn’t quite make out the results.”

Roll again, but this time on a hard surface. (Hopefully, your partner is on to your plot.) You roll again, and the results are clear. The dice read: “Tickle,” “Bathtub” and “Lips.” That would mean your lover needs to tickle your lips (you decide which pair) in the bathtub. Talk about a midweek rendezvous!

Roll Play is just one of Passion Parties’ sexy dice games. Glo Dice and Dirty Dice are two other options, but instead of three dice, these games only have two – one for body parts and one for actions. Extra benefit with Glo Dice: You can play in the dark. So get under the covers with your lover and plan to stay there for a while! There are 36 different options in Dirty Dice and Glo Dice and 216 options with Roll Play – the days of same old, same old are gone!

Another sexy game option is SEX! The Card Game, which is really three games in one. One night, play Ultimate Fantasy. Sit across your partner and deal five cards to both of you. Take turns drawing and discarding cards until one of you has a complete fantasy in your hand, which consists of one card of each color. Even if one of you does have a complete fantasy, you don’t have to show your cards to your partner immediately. You can continue drawing and discarding cards until you build the fantasy you’d like to act out that night. Once your ideal fantasy is built, lay it down for your playmate to see, and spend the rest of the night acting it out. Then later that week, give Fortune Teller! and Lover’s Libido (the other two game options) a try. Sex should be fun! Bring some playfulness back into the bedroom and reignite that passion.

Featured products in this blog post include Roll Play (Item 3014 ● $12.00 US / Item 3014C ● $14.00 CDN), Dirty Dice (Item 3008 ● $8.00 US / Item 3008C ● $10.00 CDN), Glo Dice (Item 3019 ● $9.00 US / Item 3019C ● $11.50 CDN) and Sex! The Card Game (Item 3035 ● $7.50 US / Item 3035C ● $9.00 CDN). To purchase any of these sexy games, please me or visit website at, and click on Shop Online to place your purchase now.


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