The Rx for Great Sex!

15 Jan

Everyone wants to have the strongest relationship they can possibly have. We’ve stressed it repeatedly: Physical intimacy is a key part of bonding. The more connected you feel, the more sex you will have. And the more sex you have, the stronger your relationship will be. But sometimes that is easier said than done. For people who are always on the go, have careers, kids, or other things that require their attention, it can be hard to make time for some lovin’. Fear not! We have the prescription for some common problems that may be ailing your relationship.

The issue: I’m too tired!

You likely have all sorts of things that require your attention at various times of the day and, very often the amount of energy you expend towards these things can leave you feeling…well, a little drained. It’s hard to think of sexy time when you’re feeling so burned out that all you want to do is lounge on the couch in your PJ’s.

The solution: Plan ahead for sex

Sure, the idea of “planning” for sex sounds ridiculous and contrived, but hear us out! Set aside one night a week to take a break from the stress (maybe the same night as “date night”?). After all, studies show that coitus is a wonderful way to decompress and reconnect with your partner. And what did we say about being connected? Exactly! To make your time together more interesting, change it up every week, whether it’s with massage oils, blindfolds or anything else that inspires you and your honey!

The issue: I don’t feel sexy.

Everyone has things about their appearance or body that they don’t like. Sometimes, those things can really put a damper on your sex life. After all, it’s difficult to get frisky when you aren’t feeling so attractive or feel down about yourself.

The solution: Change your mindset

Firstly, remember that your partner is with you for a reason! You are beautiful inside and out, just the way you are. Everyone has days when they feel less than stunning (Even Victoria’s Secret models have these days too. Shocking, we know!). But it’s important to remember to love yourself, love your body and know that your partner probably thinks the world of you. And we think you’re gorgeous, D.I.V.A.!

If you really feel the need to get more fit, studies show that people feel happier in their sex lives when they are content with how they look. Being active increases your energy, hormone levels and confidence about sex appeal. When you feel like you look your best, you’ll give your best!

The issue: Everything feels so stale and planned

After a few years (or even months!) of being together, it can be harder to be spontaneous and adventurous. And, after all that scheduling we were talking about, things can get a bit routine.

The solution: Spice it up, of course!

The best way to break out of a sexual rut, is to introduce new elements into your sex life. Have a position you want to try? Always wanted to throw a bit of kink in to heat things up? Let your partner know! Communication is key when it comes to getting what you want out of your sex life so, you’ll be happy you spoke up!

Not sure where to start? Passion Parties has all sorts of great products, ranging from mild to wild, to help you amp up your sex life. Not sure how to introduce toys into the bedroom? We’ve got you covered there as well!

With a bit of planning and consideration, you and your honey can make 2013 the sexiest year ever!


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