From Orgasm to Ourgasm: How to Encourage Simultaneous Climax

9 Jan

A lack of simultaneous orgasms in one’s sexual repertoire does not indicate that anything is wrong with the relationship or sex life. In fact, most couples do not climax at the same time and still continue to have a happy and satisfying romantic relationship.

However, for those couples who enjoy sexual exploration and finding new ways to enhance their relationships, experiencing a simultaneous orgasm, or ourgasm, is a fantasy they long to make a reality. While the occurrence may not be common, it surely is not impossible. Here are some tips to help you and your partner achieve an “ourgasmic” moment.

  1. First, talk to your partner about your desire to climax at the same time. But don’t do it in the heat of the moment. Choose a non-sexual, yet causal time, when you can talk about your fantasy and have your lover’s undivided attention. Communicate your needs intimately and maybe even be a little graphic. Doing so will not only make your significant other feel closer to you, but more than likely your partner will get turned on listening to your fantasy.
  2. Don’t place any pressure on yourself or your partner. Controlling one’s orgasms is an art and a science, normally only conquered by skillful pornographic actors. You and your mate should not be trying to achieve that level of skill, but rather just enjoying each other and the moment.
  3. Practice. Really, the only way you and your lover will ever experience an ourgasm is through a lot of practice. A lot.
  4. Pay attention. What moves, emotions, facial expressions, sounds and positions cause you to climax? What causes your mate to climax? Take note of each other’s muscle contractions by pausing thrusting motions and learn each other’s bodies. When you figure out what works for you and what works for your partner, you two will be better able to guess when and how to simultaneously orgasm.
  5. Play with toys. There are special romance enhancers designed to encourage the ourgasm. From toys that you wear, to toys that he wears, to toys that can be used on you and your lover at the same time, Passion Parties carries a plethora of couples’ enhancers that when used with proper lubrication can help you to achieve the ultimate ourgasm.

Passion Parties Couples’ Toys

We Vibe 3 – Worn internally, the We Vibe 3 features two motors that vibrate during lovemaking, with both partners feeling the sensation at the same time.

Progressor – Featuring a c-ring that slips over an erection, Progressor also offers clitoral stimulation via an internal vibrating bullet. Tickling the clitoris during sex may increase your chances of ourgasm.

Shades of Black & Red – Surrender control with this set which encourages couples to push the limits of their intimate life. It features faux fur lined handcuffs, feather nipple clamps, Sexy Paddle and Studded Blindfold.


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