Sexual Healing: 5 Sexual New Year’s Resolutions You Should Consider Making!

30 Dec

What a wonderful and fabulous year it has been, D.I.V.A.s! As 2012 comes to close, we are all reflecting on the events and achievements of the past 12 months in anticipation for the upcoming year. Every New Year, you make resolutions; you tell yourself that things are going to change. Maybe they do. Maybe they don’t. But this year, don’t put your relationship on the backburner when it comes to sex and intimacy.

Studies show the most popular New Year’s goals are to lose weight, improve finances and reduce stress. However, when there is a brand new year ahead, you should recommit yourself to having a better romantic connection with your partner. We are here to help! Here are five sexual New Year’s resolutions you should consider making this year:

Spend more time loving yourself

Okay, maybe it is a bit redundant but it’s true: It’s hard to love someone else unless you love yourself first. Maybe there are things you don’t like about yourself or would like to change, but your flaws are part of what makes you unique and wonderful. Embrace who you are and own it with certainty. After all, the most beautiful thing a person can wear is confidence and when you’re more assured, it will definitely make things hotter in and out of the bedroom.

Communication is key

Communication is one of the biggest things you should consider working on in your relationship. Not only will it improve the quality of your interaction with your partner but it can also initiate a conversation about your sexual fantasies. Have something you’ve always wanted to try? There’s no harm in bringing it up! Doing so will get you both talking… and experimenting.

Try something new

With how crazy and chaotic life tends to be, sometimes our exhaustion can leave us in a sexual rut. The best way to get out of one is to experience the thrill and rush of trying something new. Again, a little communication can go a long way and the anticipation and build up can lead to an explosive finish and memorable tryst.

Plan regular date nights

Date night is a night for you to dress to impress or just do something sweet with your significant other to try and recapture the excitement you had at the beginning of your relationship. Go out for a nice dinner and dress to the nines or even just have a candlelight meal at home. Set aside a day every week when you and your partner devote this time to each other. It’s a proven fact: the more date nights you have, the more sex you will have. And the more sex you have, the stronger your relationship will be.

Add to your Passion Pantry

With all this discussion about communication, broadening your horizons, and trying something new, you might be looking to add a few things to your Passion Pantry to heat things up! Luckily, we have you covered. Passion Parties carries a wide variety of products, ranging from mild to wild, which encourage couples to explore the steamier side of their relationship with imagination and sensuality. You can learn more about the options available to you by contacting ME!  Don’t have a Consultant? You can find one there as well and let us help you and your honey start the New Year off with a bang!


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