Hey, We Heard You Liked the Wild One!

29 Oct

What began as a fling, quickly turned into a love affair. Passion Parties first introduced Wild Orchid last winter holiday season, and it was so wildly popular that we had to incorporate it into our regular product line.

Your customers love Wild Orchid, and here’s why: it has a deluxe design for those with a discerning taste, features dual action engineering and has a unique “orchid cup” clitoral stimulator.

Get to know Wild Orchid and introduce it to your customers looking for something special to add to their passion pantry.


  • Dual rotational shaft swirls in two directions
  • Bendable shaft
  • Eight speeds in both shaft and clitoral tickler
  • Pliable orchid-shaped clitoral stimulator
  • Two synchronized motors with three functions
  • Soft jelly construction that’s gentle to the touch
  • Water resistant


  • Personalized pleasure
  • Intense, direct clitoral stimulation – which many women need in addition to penetration
  • Bendable shaft head allows for precise penetration and stimulation
  • Soft to the touch
  • Use in bed, bath, shower or tub

MATERIAL:  100% Phthalate-free Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)
APPROXIMATE SIZE:  10” length, 1 ½” diameter


  • Clean & Simple Adult Toy Cleanser
  • RomantaTherapy® Silicone Lubricant
  • RomantaTherapy® Pure Satisfaction

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