Too Busy for Getting Busy? Tips for Busy Couples.

7 Sep

This is one of my clients biggest complaints; that they just don’t have the time or energy. Sex is too important to not do it! Make it a priority! Make it fun! Even if it is Quick! 🙂

It’s ironic that the phrase “getting busy” means “to have sex,” because the reality is that when we’re truly busy, we often are not having any sex at all.

Life can be hectic. You work or run your own business. You raise a family. You take care of your elderly parents and volunteer at your children’s school. And your significant other is doing the same. It’s no wonder that today’s modern couples are too busy to tend to their romance. Sadly though, not doing so can lead to an unfulfilled relationship.

Just as your home, family, and career need to be tended to, so does your sexual relationship with your partner. After all, isn’t your relationship with your lover the heart of the life you have created together? Nurture it. No mater how busy you are, there is always time for love and passion. Here are some great tips to make it happen:

1. Plan it. Okay, sure, spontaneous sex has a certain romance to it. But it’s better to have planned sex than no sex at all. Everything else in your life is scheduled, so why wouldn’t your sex life be? Sex begets more sex. So if you want more of it, then you need to plan to have it. Hire a babysitter; take a staycation; use your lunchtime for a midday sex romp instead of hitting the fast food restaurant with your coworkers. Pull out the calendar and start scheduling sex now.
2. Now that you are agreeable to planning sex, aim for 3 encounters with your partner per week.
With this kind of commitment, couples not only find themselves making love even more than before, the sex actually gets better.

3. Quickies are Okay. Not every lovemaking session has to be a marathon. If you are resorting to lunchtime meet-ups, you may have only 15 minutes. So get to it, but no pressure. A lot can happen in 15 minutes. Make it worthwhile.

4. Sex is more than penetration. Thank goodness for technology! During the day, while you and your lover are separated by jobs and other obligations, send your partner a sexy text or email message, or better yet, a sexy photo or video of yourself. Do practice caution. You don’t want to send something private to your playmate’s work email or phone, but if  both of you have access to private digital conversations, take full advantage of it.

5. Simplify your life. Did you ever think that maybe you’re too busy? Could you use some help? Your life should be lived with balance- this is important for your health, as well as your relationship. Evaluate your lifestyle and see what you can change to free up some time. Consider carpools for the kids, leaving for work thirty minutes early now and then, or waking up earlier than usual to make love to your partner. There are plenty of areas in your life that you can alter. Start making those changes today.


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