Keeping Your Relationship Fresh

9 Jul

Every relationship and marriage hits a point where things are just sort of… blah. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the craziness of everyday life and our careers that sometimes we forget that we need to put work into our relationships as well! There are many things you can do to bring the spark back or just add a bit more romance into your everyday life.


Here are a few:

Plan a date night

Date night is a night for you to dress to impress or just do something sweet with your honey to try and recapture the excitement you had at the beginning of your relationship. Go out for a nice dinner and dress to the nines or even just have a candle light meal at home. Set aside a day every week when you and your partner devote this time to each other.


Learn something new together

Take a day trip or a class together. You’ll be surprised what you learn about yourselves and each other when you both step outside of your comfort zones. It also allows you and your partner to exercise your support for each other and sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery to keep things fresh.


Get sext-y

Needing an extra sizzle? Get your partner ramped up over the course of the day by sending them little, suggestive texts, giving them a preview of what is going to happen when you next see them. They’ll be so turned on by the time you reconvene, that satisfying that want will make everything that much hotter!

Get old-fashioned

Sometimes a good, old fashioned conversation is all the needs to happen to strengthen your bond. In the age of cell phones and the internet, that personal connection can sometimes be lost. Communication is the key to any successful relationship!


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