Passion from a Distance

27 Apr

From what we have heard via the Passion Parties’ Facebook page, we know a lot of our ladies are in long-distance relationships (LDRs), either because their partner is in the military or just because that’s the way love happened for them. We salute you! However a long-distance relationship happens, it’s an undisputed fact that LDRs can be really hard and sometimes lonely. We compiled a few ways that might help you and your partner get a little closer to each other, even if you’re miles, or sometimes continents, apart.

Make time for intimacy

We know how crazy life gets and when we are away from our partners, sometimes we forget to prioritize them. Consider setting up a time to talk every day or week. Have dinner with each other over Skype. Watch a movie or use sites like Turntable to play music together. Send each other sweet, hand-written letters (or e-mails if it’s too far). You’d be surprised how the little things will make you feel infinitely closer to one another.

Positive Re-enforcement
Being in an LDR can do a number on your emotions, especially when you are disconnected from that person for long periods of time. It should be a given that a large amount of trust is involved but sometimes it also helps if you are giving the other person reassurance of their position in your life periodically. Some people don’t need it, but who knows? It will definitely let your sweetie know you are thinking about and considering him/her, even if that person isn’t physically present.

Pair up!
One of our recent discoveries is the iPhone app Pair, which allows you and your love to create a sort of social timeline that includes photos, videos, updates, and when both partners are online, real-time chats and video chats all in one place instead of using several different programs!  Pair also features a few other interactive features the “thumbkiss,” where partners press their thumbs together on the screen, causing the phone to vibrate and turn the screen red. You and your honey can also draw things to each other, create and edit to-do lists (for those lovers on-the-go) and check in at places separately or together.  While Pair is currently only available for iPhone, the creators plan to roll out a version for Droid very soon.

Getting intimate…
Speaking of technological advances and finding ways to close the gap between you, there is always the issue of long distance intimacy (hey, you knew this was coming, no pun intended). For purists, there is always the good old-fashioned telephone. Who doesn’t love a little phone line friskiness? If you’re a little shy about talking dirty, start small. Not to mention, practice makes perfect. There are several resources on the net to give you some good jumping off points but it always helps to begin verbally describing the things you know turn your partner on and vice versa. You’ll be a pro in no time!

If you want to turn up the heat or are feeling a bit more daring, Skype is definitely for you.  For extra credit, have him incorporate Passion Parties’ Gigi or Mimi, our discreet, travel-sized strokers. For you? Try the Lelo Soraya on for size. It’s the “little black dress” of vibrators with a dual action, premium vibrator and two motors!


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