Pamper Yourself

22 Mar

Your Loved Ones Will Thank You

Today’s modern woman balances so many responsibilities in her life: family, career, friends, volunteer work, social obligations and more. Forgetting to add herself to that equation is something that most women seem to do.  Women are so busy doing others that they often miss out on taking care of themselves. Sound familiar?

You wouldn’t think that taking time to pamper yourself would be such a big deal, but here’s why it is: with so many people depending on you, you need to be at the top of your game. The only way to accomplish this is by nurturing your needs. Your family, friends, co-workers and loved ones will thank you for it, especially when they find your mood to be easy-going and pleasant and that you are as dependable as a well-tended race car. You don’t need to slow down. You just need to start pampering yourself. Then you’ll be ready to go full throttle! Here are some tips:

Take Inventory

Where do you hold tension- in your neck, head, maybe your feet? Figure out where and what type of pampering you need and concentrate on those areas. When we think of relaxing massage, we often focus on the back. But you may find that a scalp massage or foot rub suits your needs best. Other women find that a pedicure or manicure helps them to feel pampered, while still others may need a good old fashioned orgasm. Of course, you might need all of the above. So think about and make a plan for pampering.

Put it on the schedule

The only way you’re going to give yourself the gift of pampering as if you make a habit out of it. So schedule it as you would a doctor’s appointment, soccer practice or work meetings. And although you should never rule spontaneous sex (or self pleasure) out of your life, you should consider putting sex on your hectic schedule. If your calendar is one that is shared with the entire family, label it “date night.”

Make it easy for yourself

For those times when you have no choice but to cancel your massage, pedicure or any other pampering appointment, keep products at home so you can do it yourself. Your shelves should always be stocked with soothing massage oils and nourishing bath products that allow you to pamper yourself anytime, any day. Passion Parties offers amazing indulgences for soothing sessions of pamper time. See the recommended product list below.

Super Deluxe Massage Set: This textured mitten feels like a hundred butterfly wings tickling your skin. Use in or out of the bathtub, but it’s even better when used with the Passion Massage Lotion- formulated with Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E.

Diva Basics: From the RomantaTherapy line of both products is this thee-piece set Refreshing Bath & Shower Creme, Smoothing Sugar Scrub, and Toning Body Butter. With three fragrance options, you’ll find it easy to feel light, free and even…sexy.

RomantaTherapy Cooling Foot Cream: Featuring peppermint-oil and menthol, this thick foot cream is tingling, relaxing, and nurturing.


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