Does seduction come naturally for you?

20 Mar

Or, could you use a little help? Keep reading for tips and tricks on seducing your mate.

1. If you don’t think you’re a seductress, fake it.

Look, most women don’t climb out of bed each morning feeling like Marilyn Monroe. But you can pretend… Visualize who you think is the perfect seductress and act like her. Walk like her. Dress like her. Even talk like her. Your partner already thinks you’re the sexiest woman in the world. Now it’s time to convince yourself.

2. Begin Early.

Rather than wait until the end of the day to seduce your mate, start flirting first thing in the mroning. Begin with a soft kiss before you shower. And before you part for the day, kiss him again- only this time, use some tongue. You could even give him a playful pat or pinch on his rear end as he exits the door.

3. Send him a love note.

During the day, send him a text message, email or call him to let him know you’re thinking of him. This is your chance to express  your desire and your plans. He’ll know what to expect, so if he intended on working late, chances are your message will change his mind. Keep you love note seductive, yet clean, to avoid any possible embarrassment, especially if he’s at work.

4. Prepare yourself for the event.

Do what you need to do to make yourself feel sexy. This may mean a relaxing bath with RomantaTherapy Sensous Bath Salts, followed by an application of  Toning Body Butter. And, a dab of Pure Satisfaction on your genitals will definitely motivate you to get into character.

5. Seduce with confidence.

The key to successful seduction is is feeling good about yourself and knowing that your mate is into yourself and knowing that your mate is into you. First, apply some pure instinct to your neck, wrists and back of knees to lift your confidence and cover your skin with sexual attractants. Next, wear an outfit that makes you feel sexy and cute. This could be your favorite dress or the Rose Lace Bodystocking, which is romantic yet provocative.  The moment you and your mate reunite, shower him with affection and compliments. Smile. Laugh. Look into his eyes deeply and run a finger up and down his arm as you two share the moments of your day.

6. Take initiative.

Your partner wants to feel wanted by you. Don’t wait for him to make the first move. Take him by the hand and guide him to the bedroom. Keep plenty of Revelation Lubricant on-hand and a toy or two, such as the We-Vibe II or Double Bullet, to enhance and maintain the excitement of your lovemaking.


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