Splish-Splash~ Make It a Sexy Bath!

3 Mar

It is getting and nothing is better for a cool down that some water fun whether you take it to the pool or the tub…wetter is better!

Toys Designed for Senusal Water Play.

Romantic adventures with your lover shouldn’t be limited to the bedroom alone. Use every room in your home to explore your sensual desires- especially in the bathroom. Why? A shower or bath for two can prove to be not only sexy, but also whimsical and fun. Between the feeling of water sliding down your naked bodies, the bubbles, and the splashing, making love in water can make you take your relationship to a new level of excitment.

Passion Parties carries a plethora of toys designed for safe water play- with or without vibrators. These romance enhancers are not only great in the bathroom, but can also be use poolside or while experiencing a relaxing soak in a Jacuzzi.

When browsing through a Passion Parties catalog, just look for the water resistant icon, which is a purple circle with little wavy lines. This icon indicates that the associated toy is perfect for sensual water play. Here are a few suggested water resistant toys:

Jack Frost– This dual rotation toy will make you melt! With two motors and three separate speed in the shaft and clitoral tickler, the 10-inch length Jack Frost is great for couples or solo water play.

Splash- For couples who enjoy the penetrating pleasure of an adult toy, but not necessarily the vibrators, Splash is a glass dildo that combines art and gratification in motion. One of the best features of splash is that it can be used with any type of lubricant- water based or silicone. Because splash is truly made of glass, use caution and care to not drop the toy on a hard surface.

Triple Tickle Dolphin– At under six inches in length, this pink dolphin toy may seem subtle in size, but it’s huge on thrills! With three points of tickling pleasure, Triple Tickle Dolphin adds elements of surprise, adventure, and discovery to sensual water play.

We-Vibe II

Warn while you make love, We-vibe II is the best-selling vibrating toy with two motors and is completely hands-free! Not only is it water resistant, We-Vibe II is constructed from silicone, which is a preference for users with allergies to other kinds of toys materials. Featuring Seven functions, this long lasting toy never needs batteries. Note: Because of silicone construction, We vibe II must be used with water-based lubricants.


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