The Sensuality of Mutual Grooming

12 Jan

From bonding to hygiene to boredom to relieving stress, there are many reasons why animals groom one another. And humans do it, too, although our reasons normally stem from affection. Couples in love can find ways to sensually express themselves through mutual grooming, such as massaging, bathing together and even shaving each other. In this multi-tasking society, mutual grooming can be a fun way to not only spend time together but to also accomplish a personal task at the same time. Here are a few ways you and your mate can make mutual grooming sensual and pleasurable.


Sensually massaging one another is the usual go-to foreplay event for most couples. Soothing aching muscles is always a welcomed experience, but having your partner’s hands explore every crevice of your body is an added bonus. Regular massaging tones and firms the skin by stimulating capillaries and glads, especially when using a textured massage tool that energizes the skin. This helps to reveal an overall radiant glow. Also, the skin contains nerve centers that connect with the brain’s pleasure center, so regular massaging contributes to an overall feeling of well-being. Using oils and lotions as part of a regular massage routine helps to hydrate and nourish the skin.

Mutual Shaving

According to, mutual shaving is one of the most popularly recommended games for couples who need to reignite a spark in their relationship. Simply put: many men have a fascination with a cleanly shaved genital area. On the other hand, many women find they are more willing to perform oral sex if their partner is free from hair down there. So not only does mutual shaving provide an avenue for couples to learn to trust one another, it also makes for a smoother sensation for oral play.

Bath for Two

Conserve water and bathe with your lover. Research from the Rheingold Institute in Germany proves that couples who bathe together from time to time have a deeper connection with their partners than those who only bathe solo. Add to the mix naked bodies and soapy bubbles, and you can five the phrase “‘I’ll wash your back, if you wash mine,” a super sexy meaning.

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