Krazy for Kegals

28 Dec

It’s not the latest dance craze, but it is a great workout. Kegals are simple-to-do exercises that consist of contracting and relaxing the muscles of your pelvic floor in order to maintain and strengthen them.

Performing Kegals regularly is just as important as doing your routine cardio or working out with weights.That’s because as you age, so does your vaginal interior. It may even weaken and make it harder for you to control your bladder or reach a sexual climax.

Luckily in 1952, Dr. Arnold Kegal used his gynecological skills to publish a report recommending the exercise as a way to create an increase in pelvic vascularity, which means more blood flow and more veins int he pelvic region. This allows for an increase in awareness of vaginal sensations., thus making it easier for women to not only control the flow of urine and avoid incontinence, but also enhance vaginal orgasm.

So how do your do a kegal exercise? It’s easy. Sit or lie down and contract the muscles you would use to stop urination. You should feel your pelvic floor muscles squeezing your urethra and anus. Do not tighten your abdomen or buttocks. Focus on your pelvic floor area.

Contract for three seconds and then relax for three seconds. This completes one set. Aim to perform 10-15 sets at least three times per day for optimum results.

en need to practice Kegal Exercises, too! Just like women, men battle incontinence with aging. Men can discover their urinary sphincter by stopping and re-starting urination during flow. Once located, men should also practice a daily regimen of contracting and relaxing these muscles.

As is the case with using ankle weights or hand weights during an aerobic workout, you may find yourself in need of aids to help with your Kegals. Kegal products designed for a successful exercise session. Because of each product is safely weighted, they gently challenge you to contract and use your pelvic floor muscles.

Kegal Pods ae joined together and feature a dangling tail for easy removal. Featuring a smooth silicone construction, Kegal Pods are just right for beginners.

Pleasure Pearls are two separate pearlescent-coated plastic balls made for intermediate level users.

Ben-Wa Balls are best for advanced Kegal Exercisers. Made from solid metal, the balls may move as you move, causing stimulation and possibly arousal.


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