Lose Control!

26 Dec

Whether you are a career woman, an adult student, a mom or all of the above, chances are you are used to being in control. You probably make all the big decisions- where to bank, which doctors to use, where the children should be educated and where to live. If a long vacation free from responsibility is not in your very near future, you can find another way to escape the role of being in charge, and you might find it quite exciting and satisfying. Are you ready to lose control…and hand it over to someone else?

If you currently have a collection of sensual toys, they are probably the handheld variety- keeping you in total control of your pleasure. However, if you are ready to experiment with the temporary loss of control, select a vibrating toys that includes a remote controller. Use the toy on you, but hand the controller over to your lover.

At first you may be nervous, because you don’t know which settings your playmate will use to titillate you. Will your love use a vibrating function that is fast and hard, or one that is slow and soft? Or, better yet, will your partner go through a whole repertoire of varying speeds and pulses, teasing you and leaving you curious about what will happen next? Giving your playmate the remote control to your sex toy leaves that person in total charge of your sensual pleasure, and  this could be the kind of temporary relief from control which you have needed. Think of it as a mini-vacation for the mind…and body.

Passion Parties sells a multitude of toys that include remote controls, as well as other accessories to make is easier for a Type A personality to temporarily give up being in charge.

Bullet and Double Bullet  are classic bullet toys, each with a wired remote control and varying speeds.

Gizm-o is a high tech stroke of genius with a velvety surface that fits beneath panties and includes a wireless remote controller.

The New We-Vibe 3 is also remote control! The most powerful way to go from orgasm to “ourgasm.” Features two motors, six functions and 40% more vibration power. Conforms to the female shape. Fully waterproof design.

Flutter Frenzy is a butterfly shaped vibrating toy that is worn, while the wired remote with multiple speeds can be controlled by your lover.

Vibrating Gigi is a wired remote controlled toy for the man who desires to hand the control over to his partner.

And for those who need a little restraint in order to give up being in charge, the Passion Adventure Kit includes Velcro wrist and ankle fasteners as well as a comfortable blindfold.


2 Responses to “Lose Control!”

  1. enigmaedelweiss December 27, 2011 at 12:45 am #

    I adore the We-Vibe. Awesome!

    • Passiondiva December 27, 2011 at 2:06 am #

      It is indeed an amazing toy. the new We-vibe III is awesome too! Now 40% faster, remote control and great travel charger case. 🙂

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