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24 Nov

Why Rabbit Vibrators are Wildly Popular….

Most everyone credits the television series “Sex and City” for making the rabbit vibrator a humorous  part of our mainstream culture, however, the toy had already become a favorite among the masses of sexually empowered women using it, thus inspiring its appearance on the show.

Ever since the rabbit vibrator emerged from Japan, where it is illegal to produce sex toys that resemble the male genitalia, this funny bunny adult toy has claimed its fame as the “it” toy among the thousands that exist today, which leads us to this curious questions: why is the rabbit vibrator so popular?

Well first of all, it’s cute. A woman who has never masturbated with a vibrating sensual toy will more likely not be intimidated by one shaped like a rabbit. Studies show that 15%-20% of women have never experienced an orgasm. So for the first-time adult toy user, a rabbit vibrator is a great place to start.

Second, rabbit vibrators are dual purpose. That is, why they offer internal and external stimulation at the same time. The shaft of the vibrator is inserted into the vagina while the bunny shaped tickler titillates the clitoris and labia. Approximately 70% of women do not orgasm with penetration alone, so a vibrator with rabbit ears to stimulate the outer area of the vagina removes any existing guesswork from sexual exploration.

Rabbit vibrators come in all sizes and colors. Some even feature impressive bells and whistles, such as multiple speeds and swirling motions. With so many options available, there is most definitely a rabbit vibrator for you. But how do you select the right one? A knowledgable Consultant who understands rabbit vibrators and their offered features can help you choose the perfect rabbit vibrator, using guidance and confidentially. Now that we’ve got you excited to try a rabbit vibrator, hop to it and select a Passion Parties rabbit vibrator today!

Passion Parties Rabbit Vibrators

Currently, Passion Parties sells 7 indulgent vibrators and 2 enjoyable bunny bullets!


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