15 Best Sex Tips of the Year!

14 Nov

Kick off 2012 with a Bang with these awesome tips thanks to this months cosmo! 🙂

1. Try Pure Satisfaction Enhancement Gel. The Doctors dubbed it an “orgasm in a tube.”

2. Cosmo’s 2011 Man Panel agreed that the hottest sext is ” I need you now!”

3. Push that exercise ball up against the wall, have him sit on it, and bounce on him.

4. A Trojan sex poll reveled the most adventurous place to have had sex is in the car. Abuse the backseat of your vehicle!

5. Tilt yor hips up during missionary. (Like with our Jazz Liberator Pillow). This increases the chances he’ll hit your G-spot.

6. Dab drops of lube all over his penis. Use your fingers to connect the dots until he’s completely slicked up. I suggest any of these: Lubricants.

7. Sit on the edge of the washing machine, and wrap your legs around his waist as he enters you. Helpful hint: The cotton cycle provide the strongest vibrations.

8. Let him love your nipples: Scientists discovered  nip sensations activate the same area of the brain as sensations from the vagina. (Nipple Nibblers helps!)

9. Take him down in the middle of your fave show. Research reveals that guys wish their sex lives were more spontaneous.

10. Squirt some lube on your breasts and use them to oil up him penis!

11. Use an intercourse designed vibrator like the we vibe II!

12. Make a sex bucket list, and check off one new thing once a month. Researchers found that long term couples who switched things up in bed remained intensely in love.

13. Initiate sex, the biggest complain from men is that their ladies rarely make the first move.

14. Climb on top on him then lean back, resting an elbow on his legs. Rub yourself up and down on his penis until he’s erect.

15. Jump him in the shower- a Cosmo poll found that 48% of guys think about sex most while sudsing up.


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