Will toys make me not want the real thing?…..NO….this is completely FALSE

18 Oct

And likely said or made up by a man! LOL


Do Toys Desensitize? 

Vibrators and Desensitization – The Reality Behind The Rumor

You may have heard this rumor before: using a vibrator will cause you to lose sensation in your clitoris and vagina making it difficult or impossible for you to achieve an orgasm in the future. However, this is far from the truth. Using a vibrator will not cause you to lose sensations in your erogenous zones. Regardless if you masturbate or use your vibrator every day, you will not be desensitized from it. Depending on the power of your vibrator, the length of time you used your vibrator, or the size of your vibrator, you may feel a little sore or maybe even numb. However, this feeling is only temporary, and will not have any issues later on. Research also shows that there are no desensitizing affects from long-term use of a vibrator. Therefore, if you fear the use of a vibrator may prohibit you from having an orgasm in the future, take that fear out of your mind. In addition, if your partner fears that your vibrator will take away from the experience you have with him or her, calm his or her fears. Using a vibrator can actually improve the orgasms that you have and allow you to be more aware of what feels good for you.

Using a vibrator has many benefits. Approximately 30-40 percent of women can have an orgasm from sexual intercourse alone. Incorporating a vibrator during sexual intercourse will increase a woman’s arousal, therefore increasing the chances that she will have an orgasm. For example, the male can hold a vibrator up to the female’s clitoris during sex. A vibrator can also be used during foreplay. The touch of a partner using fingers can be stimulating. With the use of a vibrator, newer sensations can also be achieved. For example, the partner can use the vibrator on her clitoris while he or she users his or her fingers on other areas of the body to provide simultaneous stimulation. A vibrator can also be used for nipple stimulation as well. As couples become more comfortable with adding a vibrator to sexual play, a couple may find that their overall sexual experience has become more exciting, more fulfilling, and possibly more frequent.

Using a vibrator for masturbation can benefit the user by relieving stress, and enabling an individual to find out what feels good for her. For example, a woman that uses a vibrator for the first time discovers that she prefers clitoral stimulation as opposed to just vaginal stimulation. Or, a woman may experiment with an anal vibrator to only discover that she finds she enjoys it and wants to try anal stimulation with her partner.

In summation, if you have been hesitant about buying a vibrator or incorporating a vibrator during your sexual play, reconsider that choice. Using a vibrator can help an individual discover more about her body by experiencing new orgasms that she would not have prior to use. Plus, relationships can also benefit with the use of a vibrator as female may be able to better her chances of achieving an orgasm during sexual intercourse, thus relieving any sexual frustrations in the relationship.

Via http://www.divinecaroline.com/22084/114016-vibrators-desensitization-reality-rumor/2#ixzz1RC5KG7Ug

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