Ride Em’ Cowgirl!

26 Sep

If you have never been a girl to be bold enough or comfortable enough to really learn to enjoy being on top during sex, it is time to come out of your shell, and JUST DO IT! Not only will you rock his world, but you have complete control over your pleasure! More than 80% of women need clitoral stimulation and girl on top is one of the best positions for his to happen in.

Start with your hands and knees, and lower yourself onto his penis (he can insert with his hand to help you out). Begin moving up and down slowly, and place his hands on your hips- having him guide your motions can help you get used to this position. Once you start to feel more comfortable, experiment with the angle (leaning forward will stimulate your clit, while leaning back will hit your g-spot) as well as the speed. Mix up your movements a bit too: You can swivel your hips in a figure-eight motion or rock them back and forth. You don’t have to do all this in one sex session either- the more often you try girl-on-top, the more at ease you’ll feel trying new, pleasurable twists on the position. Such as turning the opposite way while on top, which is called Reverse Cowgirl to give him a nice view of…well you know…the other side of you! 🙂

You also can apply more or less pressure according to what you like and want. If you want more pressure if he holds your hips or shoulders in the process pulling you close to him will apply more pressure. You can also learn more girl on top positions in books such as the Complete Guide to Sexual Positions or Ride Em’ Cowgirl! Some great toys that can enhance especially girl on top position are the We-Vibe and Progressor C-Ring! If you feeling super adventurous, try it in a chair, on a bench, or in the back seat of a truck or car. 🙂


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