Discover your Passion Diva…

23 Sep

Are you lacking confidence in the bedroom? Dig out the Passion Diva inside of you! Everyone has a Passion Diva inside of them. I’m not talking about doing parties, hosting a party, or even toys. I’m talking about Great Sex, mind blowing, multi orgasmic sex, everyone is capable of.

According to the Passion Parties guide to Great Sex, Passion diva Principle #8, “Your most important Sex Organ is your brain!” How you feel about yourself, your body, your partner, and your life in general will all affect the kind of sex you have. Pamper yourself, love yourself, get into something that makes you feel pretty and confident. So here is what you need to know as a Passion Diva…

1. Sex is good for you

2. Soul mates are made, not born

3. Even if you are a “good girl”, you get to have great sex!

4. If you take responsibility for your pleasure, your pleasure will pay you back.

5. Being sexy is in how you feel, not how you look.

6. You need all 5 senses to make sex great.

7. For sex at night, foreplay starts in the morning.

8. Your most important sex organ is your brain.

9. Your most important sex toy is your tongue (and We’re talking about TALKING!)

10.If you want great sex, bring the right woman to the bedroom.

Pamper yourself and prepare to get your sexy on. Wear something sexy and keep this in mind, he is not looking at your cellulite or stretchmarks, few extra pounds, leave your inhibitions,  insecurities, and everything else at the door. It is your time, with him, have fun! He is not thinking about what is bad about you, he is thinking all good thoughts, think the same. Tell him what you want, what you like, and what feels good. It is way more of a turn on to have feedback!


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