Gigi who? what?

21 Sep

You may be wodnering…Who is Gigi and how can this fun toy help my relationship? Gigi will be your partner’s favorite companion– next to you, of course!

Gigi is a Passion Parties exclusively designed top-selling passion toy. It’s a super stretchy masturbation sleeve that’s modeled after a real vagina. Gigi is fully reversible for easy cleaning and is lined internally with pleasure ribbing. Made of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) whcih warms to the touch for a realistic expereince for him.4003

So how can Gigi  help your relationship? Listed below are the 3 most popular ways this top selling man’s toy can become a couple’s toy for both of you.

1. The Menage a Trois

Gigi isn’t just for solo fun- enjoy during oral sex on him. Make sure the sleeve is well lubricated and fits hims properly. Continue to move the sleeve in slow and steady up-and-down motions until he is ready to climax. The pull Gigi all the way over the erect penis, creating a vacuum effect, and his ejaculation will be “swallowed” by Gigi. This allows you to “go all the way” using Gigi.

First, start out lubricationg Gigi and his shaft with a small amount of flavored lubricant like Embrace.  You can see all out lubricants by clicking the word lubricant.

Slowly slide the gigi sleeve- fits as snugly as a vagina- onto his erect penis so that it completely rest agains the base of his shaft, leaving the head exposed.

Keep in mind that Gigi can also do the work of  “swallowing” for you. As he gets closer to climax, ensure that the head is completely engulfed by gigi so your partner gets every last bit of  necessary stimulation.

2. Gigi: Your Personal Bumper Guard

Another option is to use the Gigi sleeve as a buffer during vaginal or anal intercourse. The first thing you do is cut Gigi to a desirable “buffer” size. For example is your partner’s penis is nine inches long from base to tip and you’re only comfortable accomidationg six inches, cut the gigi to a 3 inch portion.

With lubricant, slide the mini-Gigi over his shaft so that it rests at the base of his penis. You can now have sex as you normally would, and Gigi prevents the additional length of his penis from entering your vagina or anus. If a condom is worn, Gigi goes on after the condom. With this method, you can relax knowing he’s not penetrating too deeply and he still gets the full coverage experience.

Tip: For anal sex, use long lasting Slip ‘n Slide or Ultra Gel Lubricant not just inside Gigi, but as your Lubricant of choice for any type of anal penetration.

3. The Other side of Gigi

Gigi is a great toy that can be used to simulate anal sex and its an experience both of you can share together. Gigi is very flexible and can be completely reversed. When in this inside out state, the opening is actually smaller and tigher, just like an anus. Make sure the inside, opening and his penis are well lubricated, insert his shaft into the reversed Gigi and enjoy simulated anal sex.

So there you have it, three ways Gigi can enhance your relationship with your partner. It would be a good idea to have twins, that is, have two Gigi’s on hand for adventerous playtimes. One for his personal, private use, and one you can resize as a couple. Don’t forget edible lubricant for oral sex and silicone lubricant for anal sex. And, as always the Clean and Simple Toy Cleanser for when playtime is over. Take good care of Gigi and she’ll take good care of you!

Tip: Gigi should be stored in its own ziploc with a little cornstarch to keep it fresh.

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