Have you ever…

19 Sep

Doing some of the things on this list can be a fun way to keep your relationship strong and protect it from the threat of boredom. (can you think of a better way to get closer?)  Here are some fun/adventurous ideas to make your sex more interesting!

Sexted someone

  • Kissed a girl
  • Had first-date sex
  • watched porn and learned something
  • planned a hot night of solo sex
  • had phone sex
  • tried some light S&M
  • bought and played Sex Games
  • had sex with the lights on
  • attempted at least 10 different positions
  • got it on in the next room at a party
  • had video-chat sex
  • gotten busy in a parked car
  • gone for simultaneous O
  • worn edible panties
  • had sex during your period
  • done it in your workplace
  • incorporated toys
  • Used Food (e.g. honey, whipped cream)
  • tried anal sex
  • Played dress up
  • Read the Kama Sutra
  • tied on a blindfold
  • used handcuffs
  • had sex in the great outdoors (not your backyard!)
  • Role-Played
  • Joined the mile high club
  • gotten it on in a bar bathroom
  • tried pool or hot-tub sex
  • had sex at your parents’ house (as an adult)
  • Gotten busy in the shower
  • Made out with a stranger
  • let him give you an orgasm without the pressure of reciprocating
  • had a solo session in front of each other
  • had sex more than 3 times in a day
  • tried a 3 some
  • had a one-night stand
  • snuck in a lunch-hour quickie

Hope these help keep things sizzling!


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