Motherhood=Better Sex!

14 Sep

Midnight feedings…sore nursing breasts…stinky diapers…sleepless nights…makes you feel Sexy don’t it?

If you’re a new mom, sex is likely to be the LAST think on your mind. But passion is just as important now as in any other stage of life. And, for many motherhood newbies, sex is at its most enjoyable! Whoa!

Hey hot mama…her are some tips to help you rediscover your passion.

Motherhood= Better Sex

Your body is forever changed post- baby. Depressing, right? Guess again! We’re not talking about how small your waist is or isn’t, how perky your breasts sit or sink, or the elasticity of your vagina, but the degree to which your body is more sensitive to stimulation.

During pregnancy, blood flow increases, causing the vaginal area to become more congested and the genitals to swell. Post- pregnancy, blood vessels are enlarged- and may stay that way permanently. As a result, your lady parts become more sensitive to stimulation- EXTREMELY- resulting in more intense pleasure. Oh boy!

The body’s not the only thing that changes, however. The relationship between two parents becomes more intimate. New experiences and challenges can really strengthen the emotional bond between two people. Can you think of anything that’s more intense or life-altering that that of a new child? (Yeah, I didn’t think so).

This heightened potential for mind-blowing sex is fabulous! But, what about all the physical discomforts associated with those early post-partum months? Here are some tips to ease these discomforts.

1. Get Wet!

According to Pat Davis, President of Passion Parties International, “Nothing puts your hormones out of whack like giving birth, and as they fluctuate, so does your ability to produce lubrication.” Vaginal dryness is very common for new mothers, especially if they’re nursing. Thankfully, there are products on the market that alleviate this issue. RomantaTherapy Revelation Lubricant is a water-based lubricant that can be reactivated with water. There is no taste, stickiness, or scent to it.  For new mothers, simplicity is every and it really doesn’t get much simpler than that.

2. Sexercise

Naturally, after labor and delivery, the vaginal muscles loosen. Through the elastic vagina eventually resumes much of its pre-baby shape, regular kegal exercise can further tighten it and strengthen orgasms by working the PC muscles. (Stay tuned more details on kegal exercise in the next blog!) The effective, powerful workout only requires six minutes per day. We recommend Kegal pods for beginners, Pleasure pearls for the intermediate practitioner, and Ben-Wa Balls for the more advanced.

3. Rediscover Yourself

It’s time to get to know your body all over again. Through masturbation, you can locate new pleasure zones and ways to achieve  intense pleasure. Prop your legs up on the Liberator Jazz Mini, and play with a new toy, like good gyrations. Take mental notes of what  feels good, so you can communicate it to your partner. “The Passion Parties Guide to Great Sex” is filled with lots of great tips for releasing your inner Passion Diva.

4. Ease into  it

Parenthood changes both partners. So communication is critical. Before jump in into bed, discuss one another thoughts, concerns, and needs. Then try something you’ve never tried before from a culinary recipe from the Love is on the Menu cookbook to try a different sexual position from the complete guide to sexual positions.


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