Erogenous Zones

12 Sep

Are you neglecting one of the most sensual organs of your body? The skin is filled with four  million sensitive nerve ending and offers a plane of limitless pleasure possibilities. Get to know your most powerful pleasure sensors!

You’ve like heard of Erogenous Zones. Areas such as the clitoris, G-spot, breasts and penis probably come to mind. But are you aware of the other erogenous zones located up and down your body?

We all have our own unique map of incredibly responsive areas. Think about the moan-zone hot spots that drive you wild (even before the main event). Maybe it’s your inner thighs… or your ears…or your scalp…or your ankles. Perhaps, it’s your eyelids…the nape of your neck… or the spaces between your fingers…There’s apt to be sensitive spots you didn’t even know existed.

Explore your erogenous zones with your partner. Discover them. Get to know them. Enjoy them. And, break away from monotony  by incorporating them into your passion rountine.

Here are a few different ways you and your artner can become better acquainted with one another’s erogenous zones:

1. Sensual Massage: The recipient lays on their tummy while the “masseuse” works his/her magic. Use RomantaTherapy Creamy Massage Oil and take mental notes of what feels good.  

2. Feather play: One partner rests on their back, while the other lightly brushes the Passion Feather Ticker across the skin- Start at the navel and work your way up, and then all of the way back down. Flip over and explore the other side, starting at the butt. Work your way up and then back down.

3. Hot & Cold Senosry Play: Warm temperatures can make the body more sensitive to touch; and followed with cool sensations, can actually cause the body to heat back up in response. This is because even slight temperature changes can stimulate the nerve cells. So, grab a cup of ice, Amazing Hot Massager, and your favorite glass toy, and find out what makes you (and your partner) feel good.

Here is a list of the most common erogenous zones, as well as tips for encouraging your partner to indulge you:

  • Inner wrist- Beckon your partner to this ultra sensitive area with a dab of Pure Instinct
  • Lower Neck- Spritz on Romanta Therapy Body Mist- Plumeria, or a fragrance that yuou know will drive your lover crazy.
  • Lips- With your lips, you express love and affection. Sweeten up this already desirabl3e area with Nipple Nibblers.
  • Inner thighs- Dust on some RomantaTherapy Passion Powser, and invite your lover to enjoy the delicious flavor of cotton candy, chocolate rasberry, or white chocolate.

You may not respond to every area listed above, but at least a few should send bliss bumps up and down your spine. 🙂




Did you know?? Research has shown that couples who spend more time touching are more likely to have happier, healthier relationships.



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